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We are all in this together

Remember, not long ago this was the mantra of the political mob in this country of all political hues. The Senate was for the scrap-heap the higher earners would pay more. What happened, well an election a changing of the political chairs Has anything really changed!! no all the promises forgotten. Just one or two examples student fees Labour was against them in opposition,now Me Quinn (labour) is not talking about abolition but an increase even on the last governments proposals.

While Mr Bruton (fine gael) wishes to cut the wage rates of the poorest workers those in retail and hotels, who generally are paid the worst wages on the market not just here but in Europe. While the rich are bailed out the poorest must pick up their tab. So as you can see the quite clearly we are not in this together and never have being.

Add insult to injury the most undemocratic institution in the state still exists. Those who retire from it will be paid massive pay offs plus a pension for life, paid for by you and me. This institution which you had no vote in electing any of these jumped up individuals of the chattering classes. Yet this crowd will rest on their pensions paid for the cutting of the lower paid.

Enough of these den of thieves. It is beyond time to clear out these august stables and all the filth therein.

Time to bring back a little of the backbone of our fathers and Mothers. We need a party which will not play their games, a party who will not play their games in that Stable Leinster House.

The cutting of wages of the lower paid is but a cynical example of using this capitalist crisis to take workers back to wage slavery, all because of capitals crisis. If we seek to commiserate with our masters they will drive us to an early grave.

It is time not to bend the knee it is time like our brothers in Greece/Portugal to fight. No reliance on the Labour fakirs

only our stenght will do this. It can be done.



The European Enterprise

Ireland bankrupt,Greece in tatters, Portugal in the same boat with Spain/Italy all gaining the mantle of no hope rs in European terms. The situation in the world economy does not look at all good. Capitalism is facing another of its crisis which come around every few years. However these have indeed being getting closer to each other. We had the eighties now this  and according to all their economists this one is far worse  then the 1930 s.

Why has Europe failed. One has to think of how the likes of  De Gaulle envisioned Europe after the second world war he and his ilk seen a European union as a counterweight to the power of the U.S. To achieve this he needed to bring these states together so as to compete against the power of American capitalism. From the French point of view it was seen  also as a way of controlling Germany. So from the beginning the French and Germans would control the post war Europe keeping the U.S. at arms length. With this in place the new company began to merge with other countries or if you like companies so as to give Europe Icp a bigger slice of the capitalist market. This process has continued whereby the European union has grown into a massive multinational, where the executive board is extremely weak in implementing its decisions.

Its contradiction of course is these are not companies but separate countries with their different politics and customs. With a company the executive can sack or sell off a failing enterprise,not so a country. So with capitalism in crisis and the Europeans weaker components  (Ireland/Greece/Portugal)  offering nothing but the begging bowl, what can they do the simple answer is nothing. They can rant, berate, threaten, but in the end nothing for to cut them off would be to cause such an explosive effect that Europe Inc would implode with massive effects on capitalism world-wide.

This is reason enough for the French and the Germans to play hardball. For instance Greece at present is more and more slipping out of control. Demonstrations are growing while the government parties are spilt on how much further they can go in destroying their own people. Some have even ventured to suggest a military coup would be preferrable. The Greek people know all about military dictatorships after all the U.S./British imposed one on them after the second world war so as to stop the evils of communism and save capitalism in the med.

However now no communism exists but this method of staving off their own defeat  will be taken out of capitals bottom drawer. This would normally be used in South America, Chile is an i.e. where Pinochet butchered the working class so as to preserver capitalism he was feted world-wide,this is now on the agenda for the Greek working class if they do not bend the knee to their masters in Europe Inc.

Our problem as workers  in Ireland,Greece,Portugal, is the weakness of our opposition without organised resistance we are easy prey to be picket off one by one. If ever we need a party in the traditions of Connolly/Lenin it is now.

World capitalism is in the worst crisis since the 1930 s with Europe Inc, in dire straits, either it restructures which requires  a program of impoverishing working people or it is endgame for it days in the sun.

China/India could be the pair who come out on top in this crisis,however wars have come about for less.

It is whatever way you look a different world in the making and Europe Inc will never be the same.


Iraq/Lybia its implications

Saddam Hussein and the great “lEADER” of  Lybia never were nor in the case of the Leader any friends of the oppressed peoples of the middle east. Yes they should be dealt with by their own people in particular the working people. We are told this is what is taking place incessently on radio and T.V. How could you not believe this.??

The world is now a very confusing place for most people especially since the Soviet Union imploded. Like it or loathe it it set bounderaries which the west would not overstep for fear of the implications. That is no more, the world today looks more like pre W.W.1 times with all the European powers Russia, and America, vying for dominant positions on the world stage.

The difference now is the old European powers have lost their colonies and the U.S. is alongside its European partners bankrupt.

The U.S. can only maintain its dominance by feeding the defence forces on paper money printed round the clock,without this the U.S. is nothing. The emperor really has no clothes but he does have a 40trillion debt. What better way to service it but through continous wars.

Who pays American workers and among them the darker skinned are hit the worst all to pay for capitals survival. It is no different in Europe look at Britain nothing but cuts and yet they can afford to spend billions on invading Libiya. Italy another great liberater under Bellesconi mass unememployment no future for youth.

So why Iraq, why Lybia, its all about oil the Americans  got Iraq with its vast resourses alongside its relationship with the Saudis, if this relationship stays intact it could control the next century until other reliable renewable fuels are found.

Brition also needs to maintain a fuel supply and in partnership with France and company this can be done. All the concern for the Lybian rebels rising up against their hated leader is bullshit. No doudth some are genuine however most are tribal leaders and smuggelers who are in it for their own gain.

Did any of these countries show any concern for the murders of Palestians since 1948 no emphatically not. Palestians do not have oil. Isreali zionists are the wests  police force in the middle east.

The sum is not the full total yet, Russia and China not to mention India have to be put into the equasion. As yet in particular China are like the sleeping tiger in the corner. China however is contradictory with its rampant Victorian capitalism alongside  a “Socialist Government” will it survive or will it implode like its patron the Soviet Union. It is also carving up parts of Africa alongside India as its sphere of influence. At one time before the first world war the mid east was also an arena for the world  powers of the time. They called this part of the world “the Great Game” well it is as true today.

Whatever happens here could determine where the next world war could come from. However we are not robots programed to do as we are told,we are individuals who do have a choice. We do not have to be passive,protest/organize/fight back, it is our world.

Not in my name nor the class I come from.

Obama Ireland visit

I watched him speak on the T.V. and it is true to say he has charisma. However it is also true  he said what the Irish wanted to hear. It was a backslapping session the Irish lapped it up every word after all we like to think we are important on this wind swept island. It matters not that he is black after all he is the American president the most powerfull man in the world. Of course no one dares mention he is running for President once again and needs that section of the american population which considers itself Irish,hence the Obamas Irish roots many times removed.

Does it matter that he is black, only to those who are racists. In more ways then one it points to the connections between us in this complicated world. Think of the many Irish landowners who had slaves in the U.S. and raped them, their children taken the white mans name,something never spoken of.

Fredick Douglas may have felt more of a man when he visited Daniel O Connell in Ireland, as he said but in America the Irish treated black people as their competitors and made sure they would not get a look in. Look at the race riots in 1860s in the states, where Irish did the killing and burning. More so look at the states where the cops are mostly led by the Irish or school intergration riots in Boston in the 70s.

To my knoweldge his great/great /great grandmother was not raped, either way would he so proud to call himself Irish if she had, or if the election for President was not coming up. In this still deeply racists society would he still wish to proclaim his Irish roots. In the U.S. the civil war was never finished and until it is, then  black men and women will always walk in the shadow no matter that their Presiden is black.

As for me I like my roots with all its contradicions.I dont need a Mr Obama to tell me how good  Irish are we all have faults. It would have done him  better to mention the racism black people suffer on this wind swept island and by doing that he would have done more for black people the world over.


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