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Mr Leninhans Death and Hypocrisy

It is common when some one dies to offer condolences to family and friends,after all death hits all of us it is the one certainty of life.

In this regard Mr Lenihans death I am sure was a loss for his family and friends. For me he seemed a very educated man but a man of his class. That for me is the defining difference,so for me no crocodile tears.

Think back just a couple of months and this man was part of a government who was willing to drive the working people of this country into penury,for no other reason then to save the members of his class from losing their ill-gotten gains. He called on us to be patriotic,

Patriotism is always used when the well-heeled need the plebs to take a bit of pain for them. To his dismay and his parties they were kicked out of office. To be replaced by members of the same class who slightly differed on tactics of how to save their class from major losses,followed by serious social instability.

So it is no surprise that all across the political spectrum the condolences pour in after all for all the bluster their differences are merely on a tactical level,and of course who is better suited to carry them out. In the end he was one of their own.

The sheer hypocrisy runs right through the chattering classes of Dublin 4 of RTE who set the agenda for the rest of this wind-swept island.  No I cry no crocodile tears for the man who tried with all his might to implement the policies of the European Central Bank.

Who cried for the suicides created by his, celtic tiger friends, not even crocodile tears.

My tears go to the thousands who have lost their homes or the young ones forced to emigrate. This is not a personal slight on the individual after all you must stand on your record this was his. He for the class he stood for.

So not for me “a great man” “a patriot” now the sooner we rid ourselves of all his ilk from power,the sooner we can change the system in the interest of the have-nots.






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