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lybia- Imperialism Wins

Gaddafii is a tyrant no friend of the oppressed. He came to power in a military coup against a King installed  and put in place by the departing British/French in 1952. It was in 1969 Gaddafi, who was 27 years of age and leader of this coup.Lybia has a long history of oppression first under the Italians into the thirties, later by the British and French from the early forties through to the early fifties. After Gaddafi came to power he established a state which brokered no opposition. Executions were the norm informants  everywhere. It is said that at least 10/20 percent of the population work in surveillance. On top of this any opponents who escaped abroad faced assassination, and many were assassinated. In 1977 he created the so-called “The Great Peoples Liberation Arab Jamahiriya”(Peoples Republic) In 2008 he named himself “The King of Kings”,calling for a United States of Africa,while cementing ties with his old colonial master Italy. All the above nations including the U.S spent their time denouncing him until they had a conversion,you might say on the road to Damascus. That conversion was called oil.

All Praise Gaddafi

Italy under Berlusconi in 2008 signed a historic agreement paying Gaddafi 5 Billion dollars for its military occupation of Lycia from the 1920s through to 1930s under Mussolini. The Fascists wiped out the local boudin population. This deal on Lybia s part entailed the containment of illegal immigration to Italy,while at same time giving  preferential treatment to Italian companies in Lybia. Italy also gets a quarter of its oil from Lybia.

Britain under Blair called Gaddafi a statesman and went had tea with him in his tent. This was followed by a prisoner exchange aggreement.So just as the west are normalized their relationships with Gaddafi, the Arab uprisings begin across the Middle east.

What-ever about Gaddafi and his gang, for the working people of Lybia life will go on only under a different master,one which is based in Europe. The so-called” National Transition Council” sponsored by NATO is made up of ex members of  Gaddafi’s regime alongside a few drug smugglers,merchants,and of course islamic hardliners.This National Transitional Council is so split, some elements  it appears  assassinated their own military commander, Abdel Fattah Yonnes alongside two of his aides. This is the new”democratic Lybia” of the future,of course who can disagree after all the U.S. France,Britain,Italy, all great “democratic nations” say so. In reality the main power behind these elements fighting for a “new” Lybia is NATO.

Why Lybia not Syria

It may sound trite but it is about oil, whoever controls the energy resources  has the ability to maintain their power into the new century. Lybia has vast amounts of reserves which is some of the finest petroleum in the world. Syria has no economic interest,so whether Assad kills one or a thousand it matters little to the U.S. and Nato. This is not to say they would not like a more pliant leader there but not at the cost of air strikes and all this implies. The U.S. has Iraq, after bombing it back to year zero, alongside the Saudis who act as cops for them, in the hope of maintaining their own power. Now the British and the French will have, they hope their own  puppet regime in Lybia. There is a realignment taking place in the world and it started when the old Soviet Union imploded,at present this is taking shape around control of the oil/energy reserves on the globe.

Proxy Wars

The old imperial powers are staking their claim to the future through these so-called “freedom fighters” when in reality it is NATO and its air power and supply of weapons, special forces,who are directing the campaign for the overthrow of the great “statesman Gaddafi”. In Iraq they had more mercenaries fighting the good fight against evil. They will continue to prop up the new “democratic Iraq” and will continue to do so as the U.S. go home to the land of brave  and the home of the free. While leaving the cradle of  civilization in ruins.War has been privatized.

Who are these proxy wars being fought against,  the new kids on the block, Russia, China, Brazil, India, these states pose a threat to the old-established powers of capitalism, but without the energy resources they are dependent on those who control them. Look Russia China,Brazil where all against taking action in Lybia not because they love Gaddafi, no because they understand NATO will be the new keeper of the keys to Lybia s oil.

The present configuration of major powers around the world are vying for control of the remaining energy resources, for instance China in Africa, the west in the Mid East/North Africa. This bodes ill for the future of the world. The Mid East could be the spark which sets the fuse, the effects of these events could set in train opposition movements opposed to their old colonial masters taking up residence again. It has major implications for Israel who have nuclear weptons. Alas the next world war could be fought over energy reserves as the only way for the old imperial powers to persevere capitalism and their hegemony over it.

So as we enter the 21st century Imperialism reinvents itself as the liberator, ready to reestablish it s colonies once again so to extend its life. The NATO freedom fighters are on the march over the bones of the many to safeguard the few..


English Riots/Rebellion

“Feral youth” “Yobs” “Thugs” “criminal gangs” All of these terms have being used by the politicians in power who  shocked  by  events taking place in civilized Briton,reach for the vilest terms to express their understanding of those   guilty of bringing them about. It tells you all you need to know when these politicians blame the youth, it is true they committed these acts,the question to be answered is why. If a woman kills her abusing husband, is she guilty, in my eyes no, what is different in society nothing is ever black or white. Look at the areas where rioting occurred poor working class areas, mainly of mixed race where the ability to get on in life, i.e a job is limited.  If you have a Black or Asian  face in London you are more likely to be stopped by the police then a young white person. Is it any wonder there is tension on the street. This recent explosion came about after a young black man was gunned down, this added to the mix of hatred towards the state  an explosive mix ready to explode.

What  you see from the bottom if you are young growing up in this green and pleasant land called Briton. Youth unemployment is at an all time high. The grants for education are not within their grasp without incurring massive debt for the future,but in truth this is not open to many of those from these areas. Most subsidies to  youth clubs nationally  have being cut, with the subsequent fall out from this,  just hanging out on the streets with all that this entails. If you wear a Huddie you are a “Feral youth”. It tells  you all you need to know just how these politicians really think of these youth,they are beyond the system wild. Is it any wonder the “Feral youth” see nothing for them in this system.

To me looking on from my the armchair, I was struck by the speed of its spreading not just in London, but throughout the country,to me this suggests a major crack in the social order in civilized Briton. While many did not condone it many laughed at the Establishment getting done over. Two things come together the racism by the established forces of law in particular, which is ever-present(this is not the first black person killed by the police), and the breakdown of any trust by youth in the accepted order of  society.Some of the quotes by the gangs of looters “taking our taxes” “robbing from the rich” of course this was not the case but this is what some believed.

After all what have they been brought up on-i.e the banks go broke the state bail them out no one is prosecuted even worse they then go on to pay themselves massive bonuses If they can loot why not me.!! The bigger the crime as long as you are part of the club you walk away, at most with a slap on the wrist. R. Murdock or those in his name commit crimes against state and individuals appears before parliament were no doubt he will cause a few people to lose their jobs, other than that I suspect, very little. While these “Feral youth” face the daily grind of poverty while watching 24 hour soaps. Poverty in a society were youth are offered all the latest gadgets but cannot afford to buy them. All they see is a two tier society.

This rebellion of the dispossessed found a vent to explode last week around the death of another black man killed by the police in London. However this was not the reason for four nights of violence and looting it was a war cry from the most oppressed in society. Their problem is they have no ideology as some of these events have had in the past, so can easily be marginalised criminalised and beaten back into their ghettos on a par to what happens in the U.S. (see “Nickel and Dime” book Wikipedia)

It is clear without the overthrow of this capitalist system these types of events will happen again and again. With the state of world capitalism facing into the abyss of a new depression and all that entails.The British Gov of whatever hue  must cut cut cut,the poor must pay for the looting of the rich. What is a few flat screen T.Vs compared to the billions the bankers received. These consistent cuts create an even more decaying and rotten system going beyond Asian/Black areas  into the white working class areas. This has already begun look at Nottingham were a number of police stations were attacked as against just pure looting. All the state can do is criminalize the” Feral youth”fill up the prisons and treat these areas as war zones flooding them with cops. The future is not looking pretty for this “green and pleasant land”. Hopefully out of this will come an awareness of the need to change the system. It is not about looting and burning.

Lava eventually grows cold and hard, then it reappears white-hot after finding a bigger vent for a new eruption,next time may it have a program /party to wipe away all the old crap.

D.Norris and the Irish Chattering Classes.

Ireland 2011 the European economies are in free fall with the prospects for most working people looking pretty grim. However what should they care of such things, after all we the Irish people have the important task of electing a new and useless President. Maybe this new non entity will re-establish the lighting of a candle in the window of the house in the park(Ireland’s white house) for those emigrants across the seas,following a past president Mary Robinson. In the past most Irish presidents came from the political parties,taking it in turns to nominate the person of their choice. This changed somewhat in the last couple of years starting I would suggest with Mary Robinson

The last few elections have turned nasty with the chattering classes trying in their own fashion to copy our brethren across the pond and bringing a little U.S. style mud-slinging to their campaigns With Mr Norris they have had a field day,he is a well-known homosexual who has fought many a fight for the rights of gay people and others. He is a decent individual with in the context of his politics,which is liberal. He is a senator in the Irish senate.

From the moment he decided to run it was clear their was a deep intake of breath by those who believe they have a god given right to lord it over us, while they have many friends who are “gay” to have one in the house in the park, that may be a step to far. So while he got support from many among our chattering classes,some genuine,others smirked and waited for it to petter out,or better still do a little queer bashing. Alas  his support continued to grow among the ordinary voter. Up to last week his support was  over thirty percent with most of the other candidates very far behind him. In every poll he came out on top.

Two Faces of the Free Stat

So what was to be done, first attack his homosexuality this was hyped by the gutter Sunday Independent, with the exception of a couple of its journalists, led the attack. This was only the softening up process enough to set  doubts about a homosexual becoming Irish president.While this had some impact, overall his support remained extremely high with nobody in sight of him. So surprise surprise out of the blogs sphere appears a report of a letter Norris wrote in support of his past lover who some years previously was facing a charge of rape against a 15-year-old boy. Fourteen years ago this happened. The only issue for the press and the chattering classes who rule this island was HOMOSEXUAL  asking for softer sentence for his ex lover, for this he became worse than the worst abusers in the catholic church. While one of his fellow running mates in the race to the Presidency Gay Mitchell (Fine Gael) also wrote such a letter, only his was for a U.S. anti-abortion campaigner convicted of bombing abortion clinics. This alas was ignored after all he only killed pro abortionists who could argue with that. No question of judgement there then . To go a step further we once had a President who signed the condolence book for a Mr Hitler.

Who Gains.

Norris is known for his support for the Palestinian people and has invited a well-known political individual and supporter of the Palestinians to speak to the Irish parliament. His past lover was also known for doing work with the oppressed people of Palestine.This story first got wings on the blog of a John Connolly, who admits he loves Zionism and the state of Israel. Where did he get it ? Who informed the press. ?  As one can speculate here, it is fair to say a conversion of interests appears, a rather phriggish,ratty,feb up Irish ruling elite, fed up with this upstart “Homo” who thinks he can be president over those who have more right to be. Then of course there is the Israeli state who would not like a pro Palestinian Irish President,of course I am not suggesting the Israelis would interfere in the a “democratic” election. That of course is only for fiction books.

Its Outcome

Norris has resigned now, driven out by “queer bashers” for all their crocodile tears. Nobody seriously investigated the case against his past lover before putting pen to paper. Question was it rape or was it a question of age of consent laws, for instance in some countries at sixteen one can have sex legally. If so the case takes on a different context. However he was found guilty of rape,not Norris his lover but Norris is equated as  having committed the crime and is driven out of the Presidential race. Anything to do with sex  in Ireland particularly gay sex, is still swept under the rug. What would the WORLD THINK OF A GAY IRISH PRESIDENT. While at the other end of the scale Gay Mitchell who calls for clemency for the bombing  and murder of doctors carrying out their work in clinics for poor American women, is crystal clean, but more importantly he is part of the political elite who have ruled this country since year zero. Of course most important he is not a homosexual that I know of. The fact is many politicians write such letters it is not a crime,you are not asked to agree with their views.


As for me I see the Irish Presidency as a sham a comfortable job for one of the elite, or those who see themselves as such, with little or no benefit to Irish workers, a waste of money. This article is more to do with two faces which exists on this island ,underneath the modernity exists all the old crap as is blatantly obvious in the witch-hunt of David Norris. What to me is clear is that the gay community or other minority groupings will never get any real defence from the chattering classes who lord it over us,from the Sunday Ind/RTE/through to Government. The IRA had a saying “we have not gone away you know” well it has never being said aloud but the Catholic churches mentality is still deeply ingrained in this society. It is a way of thinking a way of functioning and it has its supporters in high places for all the problems of the church at present.


Will only come about when this riff raf is swept aside by a government truly representative of working people. To do that we need our own party one steeled against all the old crap.


America/European Economies Dream Over…

So much for crisis over.

Who would have taught that the” home of the free and the Brave” would be facing  a meltdown in its fortunes. Trillions in debt while printing more  useless notes to add to the above. Even the Chinese Government has intimated they don’t want to buy anymore of these useless bits of paper. While understanding this is one thing, changing it is another, after all the USA may be broke, but alas it is still the most powerful military force in the world. The various political shenanigans which went on this past few days is not a solution but a bandage over a gaping wound.

Even getting this rotten deal through, the first black President (uncle tom to some) has had to agree to massive cutbacks to the poorest working people in the US and most of these are black.  At a time when unemployment is at its highest for many a decade, embracing for the first time since the thirties a lot of middle class families.

The US capitalist crisis has major implications for the rest of the world. It imports at least 20 percent of what the rest of the world produces so the knock on effects are obvious. Not to mention its companies overseas.

Factor into this the events in the European economies, Ireland/Greece/Portugal are broke and have handed over their countries/Peoples to the Fourth Reich.(or you may know it as the European Union) This was quite clear in its dealings with Ireland. The most recent bailout for Greece was not so much for little Greece,more of an attempt to stop contagion to Spain and Italy. While the previous bailouts were in the billions, to rescue  Spain/Italy we are talking of Trillions,which is outside the scope of the ECB banking fund. In this context the overall winner is the German state whose economy is doing very well and has the funds to buy from the fire sale which is now going on all over Europe. On top of this being the major and most stable country in the Euroland,it now has the opportunity to put forward proposals to control the finances of indebted countries,ie the taxes of you and me. In other words a Europe in the image of Germany controlled through the German central bank. Germany is quite happy with the Euro as it makes their exports cheap,if it still had the Mark this would not be the case.

These events are of an almost revolutionary nature, in the normal course of events such changes if they came about, would require a war. What is likely to be the outcome is a two tier Europe, the new colonies Ireland/Greece/Portugal will be the cheap labour for Germany/France.

It is unclear how this will pan out, but looking at the last couple of weeks, all these solutions to the US/Euro economic crisis is like a roofer patching the chimney after the roof has fallen in. For Capitalism only markets can get them out of this and with the world in a deep deep recession this usually means some sort of war. In Europe the new Forth Reich can exist as long as the German working class does not rebel against its own Government, doling out its hard-earned taxes to the new poor of Europe.Without this they are the new masters of Europe.

America on the other hand is a wounded beast in debt up to and above it head and could bring the world to its knees with consequences which could throw the world into another war to end wars,the saving of capitalism. Remember Americas/Euros main competitor is of course China a country which like America exports 20 percent of the worlds produce,while at the being the workhouse of the world.

There is another way forward, a way which would reduce unemployment. Establish a national banks under the control of the workers of these countries. Abolish the private banks which at present exist to bleed us dry, without compensation. Establish a program of public works hospitals schools roads.

Of course it goes without saying only the working class of these countries can achieve this through their own political party. To ignore this is to acquiesce to the present crowd who have brought decent people to their knees, while the rich continue to pick your pocket


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