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Lessons of the Past


I remember when I was a young man being told how the future held such great things for us, when we came of working age. With new technology our work week would be so reduced, we would not know what to do with ourselves. In turn this new technology would not cure all sickness, but would go a long way towards this end. We were young we believed  what came out of our T.V. screens. At the same time other images came from our screens the carpet  bombing of Vietnam,burned and maned bodies jumping out of our T.V. North of Ireland Catholics being burned out of their homes,under the commanding presence of a Bigot named Paisley. Kennedy and Soviets stand off, over missiles in Cuba w.w.3 just avoided. But we believed,we would be the generation who would benefit from the sweat, sacrifices, and struggle, of generations past.

After a short period I quickly realized the T.V. as they say now, did a lot of Spin on their stories.Now to say things as truth,spin is nothing other then a lie.  The lie is so gigantic and is told in so many different ways in newspapers,T.V. radio. The lie capitalism is good for you,poor countries have only themselves too blame. Not that they have being exploited to oblivion. All the main political parties are all privy to this as we all know.How can someone fighting to make ends meet fight against this. It is called a vote every four years . Every political party will promise to do certain things then break these promises. Then they Lie/Spin. This is what is called “Democracy” as someone once said if this is democracy hang onto your wallet.

My Place

Look at Ireland my own place of abode,were I grew up. We were told in school of our great struggle against the our oppressor the British Empire,(or as Connolly called it the Brigand Empire.) We were told of the great men and women who fought against her,some were. When they finally got independence, it was late the great powers had already divided up the world, into the capitalist world order. So Ireland being small could not be anything other then an irritating flea on the back of an elephant. This could be seen in the early period of Independence right through the 50s when Ireland was emptied of its people through mass immigration. We had our postage stamp portraying our fallen heroes,and our flag. That is what Nationalism gave us.If Connolly had  lived maybe the workers and poor would have seen a different Ireland one under the control of workers,not the Gombeen capitalism of Fine Gael/Fianna Fail/Labour Party. With its entry into the European Economic Community  in 1973 it shed  protectionism and Gombeen capitalism for the big boys club. For a period things did get better but one must remember we started from a very low base,and in reality Europe  allowed Irish capitalism to compete among the rest of the vultures without recourse to Britain,it gave them a little more Independence.

Ireland.Europe Inc

However all things become clear in time and that time is now. As can be seen at present for the millions of working people and the new poor of Europe/America are now facing into the abyss of decades of poverty,so the banking vultures can continue feeding on the skeleton of their precious democracy with the rest of the pigs,in their political parties.(Orwell s “Animal Farm” has more in common with Capitalism, then Stalin’s Russia) Ireland faces into decades of such poverty with few safeguards for the poor. It should be a wake up call for young working people on this Island that their “Democratic Rights”mean nothing as all decisions will we be taken in a board room in Europe,from what tax you pay to what Herr Kenny is allowed to spend,to what rate of pay he is allowed to pay you. We may be permitted a referendum now and again,but vote the wrong way and its back to the ballot box with the lot of you.  For those who persist in defying the will of our new leaders at headquarters in Berlin/Brussels,their refrain will be,look at Greece we can do the same to you. It is no concern of our new leaders that Greek working people did not cause the crash,they must pay to keep European Capitalism afloat. These vultures have turned Greece into a basket case and Greek working people into paupers. Greece into the first colony of Berlin/Brussels. At one time this type of treatment was dealt out to countries of south America while we watched reports on our T.V.s Now the same savage impoverishment is being instigated by the leaders of a company called Europe Inc. If your country a subsidiary of Europe Inc,cannot compete you will be sold off like any loss making part of Europe Inc,with all its implications “Greece” looms for all of us. The anti Greek racism i.e.Lazy Mediterranean types versus Hard working Northern Europeans, is something which is seen when war breaks out,but it is war, class war, and at the risk of repeating myself Greece is a warning to any part of the company who does not follow orders.

Times need a Changing

Instead of what we were told back in the heyday of the 60s/70s of our new idyllic life with new technology another scenario looms. Not shorter working weeks, if anything  you will be lucky enough to have a job or jobs, your pay will more  likely be less then now. Forget pensions if you happen to be in that bracket, as most are not.Then again you can also look forward to retirement if you reach it mind, you may be 70 not to worry we are all in this together as they keep telling us.Capitalism is in the worst crisis seen this century with no guarantees of where it is going to end up. Greece is in free-fall with no way forward under capitalism, default is inevitable its repercussions will have unforeseen consequences. Capitalism has long outlived any progressive characteristic it once had as is graphically apparent in today’s world.

Connolly Lives

So instead of bending the knee and burying the centuries of struggle by our forebears is it not time to finish what they started,and was interrupted on this island by the death of James Connolly. If we kiss the hand of our new rulers our children will pay, it is time to finish what Connolly fought for a Workers Republic . The wealth of the nation in the hands of those who create it. A new workers assembly elected by workers and recallable at any time.Alongside workers councils throughout the length and breath of the island. We need to link up with our brothers and sisters in Greece/Portugal/Spain Italy and work towards another Europe a Europe based on real democracy, workers democracy. Its time to free the slaves of the European capitalist elite and create a socialist united Europe. I leave the last word to John Boyle O Reilly an old Fenian born 1844-1890.

“Tis civilisation, so they say, and cannot be changed for the weakness of men,

Take heed, take heed, ’tis a dangerous way to drive the wild wolf to the end of his den.

Take heed of your civilisation, ye,’tis a pyramid built upon quivering hearts,

There are times,as Paris in 93 when the commonest men play terrible parts.

Take heed of your progress, its feet are shod with the souls it slew, with its own pollutions,

Submission is good, but the order of God may flame the torch of revolutions.”







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