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Easter Rebellion should be Remembered..

1916 is commemorated by all and sundry in this so called republic. All the parties of this corrupt Republic turn out every year to hail the men/women of 1916. While for the rest of the year warning people against any form of protest.They not only took over the the British legal system,but its suppression of opposition as well.In many ways far worse then the British themselves.

I916 belongs to Irish working people many who gave their allegiance to Sinn Fein, whom Connolly fought with alongside his men of the citizens army. He warned against having faith in the new Ireland sponsored by Sinn Fein. Never the less these were brave men who took on the might of Britain when it was the Imperial Power of the 20th century. They belong to us not to the establishment. What 1916 ended up becoming was inevitable without a strong working class party. Connolly was one man as Lenin said ahead of his time,but he was ours and his legacy in particular his writings are a treasure trove.His fight for a workers republic is still unfulfilled but as important if not more so today then when Connolly raised the need for workers rule.

If they could fight against such odds, nothing less should be expected of us We need of course to learn lessons of the past. Connolly never lived to see the Russian Workers take power under the leadership of lenin’s Bolsheviks,the only successful workers revolution in history. If ever their was a need for the courage and determination of the men and women of 1916, it is now in this period of capital’s ferocious attacks on working people world wide. In Europe alone 17million people are unemployed.

In honoring our-forebears let us not follow in the footsteps of Sinn Fein who play in both camps under their tricolour,in the north of the island they carry out a Tory agenda denouncing any other republicans to the the north of Ireland police. While in the south they seek to take over the mantle of Fianna Fail the true representative of the Irish state for most of its existence.All nationalists movements are made up of many strands but inevitably answer to their master capital.A party cannot represent both the capitalist class and the working class in one party as Sinn Fein maintain it can.

Connolly stood all his political life for the working class underĀ  his flag the starry plough,always trying to win the Sinn Fein workers to his banner,for a Workers Republic. What he left us was a proud history of struggle independent of the capitalist class,a working class defeated in class battles,but still unconquered.As Connolly said “all we want is the earth”. This is why we should commemorate 1916 the task Connolly set out to achieve remains unfinished,it is now ours.


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