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Germany Imposes Weimar Republic on Greece.

If you study history and you’re asked to write an essay on Europe, in particular the Wiemar Republic- Germany,(formed 1918/1919 until the assent of Nazi party 1933) you could do no better then look at Greece today. Unemployment is on a mass scale,suicide’s are rife,fascists control areas of the country, while the working/ middle classes are now impoverished. The rich have squirreled away their monies safely abroad while taking up residence in one of capitals of Europe, leaving the fascists with their look alike swastika flag, “Golden Dawn” to protect their interests.

New Dawn in turn is protected by the police one of the key defenders of the capitalist state, in other words defenders of the bankers  et al, who have brought working people to their knees.

Wiemar Republic.

In the Wiemar Republic the Germany social democratic political leadership of working people, sided with those who wanted to preserve the system, while workers died of poverty on the streets as in Greece today. It is hard to believe we are watching the end of the division of capitalist cake agreed at the end of world war two. Certainly Greece is a harbinger for what lies ahead “Golden Dawn” is not exceptional in a capitalist crisis like this, it is the norm. A strong working class party is needed to keep this scum in the sewer, where they belong.Capitalists fear  a social explosion, leading working  people to take control into their own hands.To prevent this capitalists will side with fascists to do their dirty work on the streets, as they did in Wiemar Republic Germany. All under the guise of defending democracy, when capitalists talk like this, hang onto your wallet. Below is a case in point policemen defending the state;

“ Earlier this week it emerged that anti-fascists were imprisoned illegally for days at the Attica General Police Directorate (Gada), the Athens equivalent of Scotland Yard, where they were tortured by officers who, to all intents and purposes, were card-carrying members of Golden Dawn. A slate of attacks on gays in the street may hint at what is yet to come. Yet the minister of public order talks of “zero tolerance”, to the accolades of the respectable bourgeois press.

The death of the old political order is all too apparent. Scandals come to light every day and the sums involved, if true, are staggering. This only excites the febrile minds of a ruined petit bourgeoisie, which is turning furiously against the old authorities. Justice proceeds at a snail’s pace and the mob bays for blood and everyone is guilty till proven innocent.”

Constantine Giannaris,

It will not be women and children first to the life boats, no it shall be the richest countries into the euro, and the rest into the Drachma/Punt or whatever. This is not inevitable.  The workers of Greece have tried to fight, from occupations to strikes but their weapons have been blunted, by the solutions on offer.

“The  hardline  Stalinist CP, for years the bulwark against the rise of fascism in plebeian neighborhoods, is now openly taunted in parliament by far-right MP’s about its terminal decline.

The Syriza left is now a mass electoral movement attracting the old socialist clientele who jumped ship, discredited union bureaucrats and radicalized youth. It promises to roll back the neo-liberal onslaught personified to them by Frau Merkel, to halt austerity measures, but also to stay in the euro and the EU. It generally promises to create a brave new world, even if it is a bit coy in spelling out what exactly that world may look like.” Guardian U.K.


The real danger for the country is a social implosion, Bonn/Washington are acutely aware of this.

There can be no agreement with purveyors of austerity from IMF/Bonn to Athens. The only solution is all power to be taken into the hands of working people through the expropriation of all wealth in the interests of a better society.

While Greece drowns in a sea xenophobia and racism, the IMF now says it got it wrong, there is now too much austerity which is preventing the world economy from growing. The U.S. flounders in a sea of debt 16 trillion or there about’s. The U.S. rules the world, however tenuously with its army, continuously running its printing presses, end result dollars, paper.

The IMF and Washington realize this cannot continue indefinitely, the world economies are not growing, while unemployment is. The will to fight is there if harnessed to a worker’s party prepared to expropriate the expropriators in the interest of workers around the world. The IMF is very aware of the convergence of European capitalists crisis, the U.S. capitalist’s crisis, and the perils that implies for the stability of world capitalism. China while not capitalist needs its interaction with western business to maintain its growth. Under the present Chinese leadership,this is needed to supply jobs to the millions of peasants who move to the city. It is now suffering a downturn through lack of orders from the U.S./Europe; a world recession/depression is a distinct possibility.

Tyranny of the Rich

The one defining point the bankers/capitalists agree on is who should pay, working people. In every country in Europe from unelected Monti in Italy, to Spain, through Portugal, England, Ireland, to many other states, gains fought and won through hard and desperate struggles by our parents and grandparents, are being removed at the stroke of a pen. We are the only ones who can put an end to this. Only with a clear program to end the Tyranny of the Rich, can we end their continual crisis, in the interests of the working people. If not, we will face replicas of “Golden Dawn’s” in many other countries.

The Wiemar Republic was created out of a crisis in capitalism and all that followed. While it is not exactly the same today, it has many similarities; it does not have to have the same outcome.

In the new Wiemar Greek Republic, either the bourgeoisie alongside its ally Golden Dawn win; or a social implosion they fear is eminent. In this situation Greece as we know it cannot, will not remain.





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