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Letter from Ireland

Anger alone will not change how this system treats women.

A loving happy outgoing woman is dead today,her husband heart broken bereft.

Hypocrisy and cant is in full spin from the political  men (mostly men) who rule this little island. This beautiful Indian woman working and living in Galway her religious  creed Hinduism.

Doctors told her the baby she carried would not survive,but because it’s heart was beating the pregnancy could not be terminated. Savita being in great pain asked the pregnancy to be aborted. This was refused according to her husband they were told”this is a Catholic country it’s against the law“. They pleaded telling the doctors she was Indian and a Hindu,neither saved her life. For three days in great pain she asked for a termination, each day refused, until finally infections causing septicemia caused her death. In Saudi Arabia women have more power over their own bodies then on this island. A woman there can have an abortion as long as the husband agrees not so in Ireland.

Is this Negligence or Murder by the State. 

Call a spade a spade the doctors have to apply by the laws of the land. For many years all the main political parties have sat on a supreme court ruling calling on the government to legislate in this area. At present a doctor can only terminate a pregnancy if the woman’s life is at risk, or the woman is suicidal. When is it decided the woman’s life is at risk,when was Savita life at risk ,only when she had developed septicemia closing down her organs, by then it was too late for the doctors too save her.

It was her body it was her right to choose, not the doctors who have to operate under the constitutional legislation which  prevent’s them carrying out an abortion, for fear of prosecution. Herein lies the fault and it lies with the political parties of the land whose main ethos is still that of the catholic church who has sat on change in this area for decades,putting women’s life’s at risk.

Bring them to Trial

This was not a mistake not an accident, the grounds were laid by the abandonment of the rights of women, on this island by seven governments since the supreme court ruling. For that reason they should be put on trial for murder of Savita. How many other women have we not heard about,those who have suffered or died in silence due to this man made law.

Right to Choose.

It is no one’s right but the woman to have control over  her own body, not her husband and most definitely not the state. It is only in the last period that we heard of the barbaric treatment (Symphysiotomy see Wikipedia) a practice  discontinued in the rest Europe, but still practiced in this country into the nineties. The woman was not asked this practice was carried out as the norm no matter the horrific effects on the woman.Again Catholic ethos lie deep at the heart of this crime against women and by its nature the heart of this “Catholic Secular Republic”.

Gerry Adams once said about the IRA “they haven’t gone away you know”. Well though their have been a few changes due to the sex abuse scandals,the catholic church has very much not gone away, it is merely regrouping.It’s influence is still pervasive and it maintains links to all political parties for the furtherance of it’s aims.  Alongside them the politicians who support these catholic ethos and will fight to deny women control over their own bodies.

For all the talk of committees of inquiry and their pious words, I don’t hold out much hope for change in the future. In all of this the discussion it has centered mainly on the legal situation for the doctors, not the rights of the woman.

Women’ s Equality

Until women have the control over their own bodies then society does not treat them as equal.  Oppression continues unabated, women know your place,equality has limits. While half the population are tethered by unjust and cruel laws,how can the other half be free. For women to gain their full equality, society as we know it will need to be turned on it’s head and reorganized. In the meantime a tinkering with the laws for the doctors sake in our Catholic Secular Republic is really the only point on the agenda.







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