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Ireland’s new Rulers

Ireland’s new Rulers


The Irish bourgeoisie work and crawl hard for acceptance from their fellow capitalist gangsters in the European Central Bank/Union. In 2008 they took the debts of the Irish bankrupt banks into a debt of the Irish nation under the cosh of our new colonial masters in Europe.  The government who created this situation was kicked out by the electorate. The new Government promised to get the debt written off; instead the Irish working class have being impoverished. Now the bankrupt banks have been liquidated with its debts solidified into sovereign debt of Irish working people. The debt is stretched over a longer period of time, with continuous austerity budgets improvising working people, creating an oppressive stupor in society.  

A precedent is now set private capitalist debt can be taken on by the state whereby workers are given the task of repaying such debts. This is called democracy under capitalism. For all those who believe Ireland has any economic independence forget it. It never had all independence gave us was a postage stamp and a flag, otherwise Ireland has remained tied to England by a thousand strings commercial financial and through the many institutions planted in this country by England as Connolly noted. Now this is replaced by the E.U. it’s not the butcher’s apron that flies but the blue flag of European imperialism.

The Deal

The deal imposed on Irish working class (Feb 2013) by the European Central Bank is the true face of the “social” side of capitalism, repaying a bunch of capitalists who lost their bets in one of capitalism’s recurring crisis. These days the crisis’s seem to get closer.

  This “deal” is in the interest of the speculators internationally. Furthermore it is done with a gun to the head of Irish workers by the European central Bank/ government our new colonial masters.

So what does it mean well put simply our children and their children will still be paying gambling debts not incurred by them, but by a bunch of capitalist gangsters who this government and previous ones believe should be paid by this and future generations of Irish people. It means emigration at levels not seen since the Irish famine of 1845/48, as seen for the first time this year. Unemployment will remain at present levels for the foreseeable future. It now has the fourth highest unemployment figures in the E.U.not bad for a country its size.   Ireland is a tax free haven for many multi nationals; who have their headquarters here, while many workers who can, emigrate for work. Those who stay behind will see their conditions of employment drastically weakened including its pay rates.

Trade Unions

 Many of the Trade Unions offer no fight back even on basic issues unless your interested in car insurance. A demonstration organized by the Irish Congress of Trade Unions its main slogan is” lift the burden” shows no appetite to fight to defend workers’ rights rather an attempt to mobilize workers as pressure on the blue and pink coalition government. Thereby maintaining their excellent pedigree in class treachery. Since 2008 these trade union bureaucrats have prevented any fightback by the Irish working class, allowing capitalist bankers to rob workers blind. This is not a surprise given the Irish trade union movement has tied itself hand and foot into binding agreements with whatever Government is in power, preventing any class struggle. Trade Unions are important but what is needed is a Class struggle leadership.

Every capitalist newspaper in the land tells us this is a great deal for Ireland; of course one has to ask who owns them. The same gamblers who created this present capitalist crisis.

It is worth noting all this is taking place on the one hundredth anniversary of the 1913 great lockout. Is it for this that those men and women fought from the tenements of Dublin? Is it for this so many from the slums of Cork/Limerick and beyond died to rid us of British rule? We got a postage stamp, a flag, economically Ireland remained tied to British capitalism. With the European Union we simply changed masters our political parties decided to become the Irish operation as (Mario Dragi of the ECB referred to Ireland) of Euro Incorporated. This means the working class becomes the payer of bad debts not only of Irish capitalism but of international capitalism operating on Irish soil and be grateful for it.

Capitalist Democracy

Democracy for most means we can vote every four years or so, it is a bit like musical chairs where one party tries to outdo the other in promises, which are then conveniently forgotten when in power. Democracy however under capitalism is used as a tool for them to maintain their riches while pretending to defend the will of the people. As is seen by this Government the will of the people means absolutely nothing. This deal hands the Irish working class the banker’s debt up to the year 2053. The Irish working class are told this is a victory. Basically they are borrowing from the generations not born loading them up with debt, a great day for the Irish nation. What a victory!!! These gobeem Irish representatives of capitalism will not feel the effects of their vicious austerity as long as they do the job paid for by Euro Incorporated.

If this can happen without the European Central Bank having control over tax rates etc which they are arguing for, what happens when they do, the future looks somewhat bleak. Time for change. The working class need to fight this class oppression, or continue to suffer and pass on this class oppression to your children. The economic power of society must be controlled by the working class. All debts should be cancelled without any compensation. A new form of workers democracy established through workers councils. Establish a party with such a program only in this way will change come about. Not too, turns us alongside the Greeks/Portuguese amongst others into the cheap labour force of Fourth Reich E.U.

This is our future without a fundamental change in class power otherwise “Capitalism with a social conscience is our future.

Connolly pointed out

“Yes, friends, governments in capitalist society are but committees of the rich to manage the affairs of the capitalist class.”

  Irish Worker (socialist newspaper) 29 August, 1915. Reprinted in P. Beresford Ellis (ed.”James    Connolly – Selected Writings”, p. 248.

It has not changed since 1915.

The Irish committee has just done its finest work yet for European capitalism we either fight it by trying to build a united socialist Europe. Otherwise it is our children who will carry the bank debts of capitalism and its wars with a social conscience to the grave.

The fight is long overdue. 





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