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Sadistic Thatcher is Dead

I did not feel the way I wanted to feel when I heard the news of my enemies death.I expected to be overwhelmed with happiness,I was not. She is dead her philosophy is not, it rules our lives in many different ways.

Shop Keeper

A shopkeepers daughter middle class to the core who made it to the centre of the British ruling elite. Is it not the impoverished middle classes, who can always be relied on to carry out the dirty work of the ruling class,as a means of climbing the greasy capitalist power ladder. She knew how to do that from the days of being known as”Thatcher the milk snatcher” from her period when milk was taken away from school children,under a previous Tory government.

On her ascendency to power her main task was revenge for the humiliation and defeat of the Tory led Heath government by the National Union of Mineworkers allied with the British Leyland car workers,in the west midlands.This victory over a Tory government who had imposed a three day week in its battle with the trade unions defending its members interests It was a victory the ruling class would not forgive nor forget..

So on coming to power her orders where clear destroy the power of the trade unions.She had a passion for inflicting pain on the poor despite her “St Francis ” quote. Her “dear” friend Pinochet of Chile, did it through brutal repression where many lost their lives or simply “disappeared”. In Briton she had the help of social democracy. Her first attack was on the T.Us. in British Leyland which had a well organized shop stewards committee covering every B.L. factory in the west midlands and beyond,with a real say in hiring. These were all union factories.She imposed Michael Edwards to break their power. He called their bluff, they failed to mobilize their power and he took them out one by one. Her first victory.

While driving workers onto the dole, she was creating ghettos for the Black and Asian populations of Britain. From Brixton Toxteth to Handsworth she unleashed her blue helmet dogs. Yes the overtime was good for them in the eighties. For having the will to fight back against her attacks she simply burned down  these neighborhoods. Liverpool was left to its faith for fighting against the poll tax, left to decay for having the will to stand and fight. She carried out her orders from the boardrooms with aplomb.

N.U.M. Revenge

Eighties Briton the rich got richer,the poor got poorer. It’s reflected I think best in the Specials song “Ghost Town”although this is only one of many from the time. She was victorious in her battle with the trade unions. Her main task in this regard was the destruction of the National Union of Mineworkers the Tories nemesis.The N.U.M. probably one of the most political trade unions in Europe. Defeated in a heroic year long struggle under conditions not seen before in “democratic Briton”mining villages under curfew,road blocs to prevent movement of people in and out of mining areas soldiers called in to support police, sackings of workers in other industries who came out in support of the N.U.M.phones tapped, one could go on. Yet she could not have succeeded without those within the T.U.C.(Trade Union Congress) and the Labour Party who dreaded the thought of a resurgent working class. The politics of Cameron et all comes from that defeat.

The Celts

Her vicious treatment of working people did not bode well for the Celts in her mist. The Scottish had the poll tax imposed on them a full year before the rest of the U.K. however she reached a frenzy of bloodlust when she oversaw the death of the republican hunger strikers in the H blocks.In this victory for her,their was defeat as it laid the basis for the growth of Sinn Fein.

It would be hard to better the above but she tried. In the Falklands war she gave the order to sink the Belgrano an old Argentinean ship,going away from battle,full of conscripts. Sunk with all hands,another great moment in British military history.

So while I laugh at the jokes and understand why people would want to drink to her death, she/they won those battles. It pains me she and her crew never faced the guillotine of a victorious working class 

However in all battles their is a cost, she won her victory against the T.U.s by the de.-industrialisation of Briton. Defeat of the steel strike crushed the steel union and shut down British steel.Defeat of the N.U.M. closed the coal pits,Briton now imports coal and steel. Its maritime industry is pale reflection of a once proud seafaring nation. It had to hire ships to carry it troops to war with Argentina.

 U.K. Inc, needed a Thatcher to destroy the T.U.s without her they would have had to look further to the right,but with her they had someone who could weld these sections together in their war against working people. Her legacy to Briton is Briton today an example of which is the bedroom tax.!! I Cameron/Milliband same coin just different sides.

Working Class

Battles lost, war not lost,unfinished business yet to be finalized by an organized working class.Tyrannical power fears an organized working class with the knowledge of its past, steeled and prepared to fight. This will be sweet revenge for Thatcher’s crimes against working people. Then I shall raise my glass. Prepare the Gullotine.











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