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The Left’s Paralysis

Since 2007/8 the U.S.and Europe has suffered the worst depression since the great depression of the 1930s.  We are continually told “the worst is over” however if Greece Ireland  Portugal, are out of the woods God help us. (pardon the pun) Ireland has a massive unemployment problem especially among youth but also among older workers who have been put out to grass before their time. At least the youth have the option of emigrating the normal method for Irish capital to deal with mass unemployment,followed by crocodile tears.
Greece is essentially bankrupt with a growing fascist organization whose main occupation is the physical assault of any non Greek or any Greek who seeks to oppose them.The established parties of the past offer no way forward,yet they still hold power while the IMF/Troika help Greek capitalism make working people pay for their crisis. While Greek Cyprus has now become a casualty.
Portugal looks like it may have to go back to IMF/Troika for a second bailout. While none of the above look at all likely to escape the clutches of declining capitalism,it would be foolish to assign it to the scrap heap as much as one wishes it. If we look at the U.S. whole cities have gone bankrupt while working people get it in the neck. The only thing on the rise is the unemployment  lines and the trailer parks for those thrown out of their homes. The banks have been fed billions by the federal government to keep them afloat while workers are put on the scrapheap.
“Worst is Over” 
Yet from the mid east to Brazil/South Africa the  working class alongside the middle class have being pummeled into the ground by this latest capitalists crisis. People have had enough and they are prepared to take to the streets.More importantly its the youth who are wasted on the dung heap of capitalism. The world depression continues with limited attempts at fighting back. In Europe it took the form of the occupy movements by-passing the old leftists parties. These tended to be made up of a lot of genuine people but with out a clear idea how to take on the capitalist state. In the Mid East they did’ent have the luxury of occupy movements given most were confronted by despots hence the streets and squares became their podium,their battle front.  In Egypt they installed the “Muslim Brotherhood” ( the SWP called on Egyptians to vote for them ) a backward step especially for women,now de-installed by the army. This is a retrograde step for the  working class  the army is alongside the police part of the armed fist of the capitalist state. Throughout all of this not one of these rebellions have had revolutionary communists leading  them,even in a minority role.
It is not 1848 the year of revolutions in Europe. However these rebellions have continued from the riots in British cities to Istanbul/Brazil, youth are prepared to take to the streets and fight for their rights. It is very clear  capitalism in the west is in crisis but what about India/Russia/Brazil. These countries according to the the mouthpiece of capital “The Economists” are the future for capitalism,looked at closely they are probably more ripe for revolution. India is so caste ridden with extreme poverty,a division between rich and poor which puts czarist Russia to shame. While Russia at present is still getting to grips with moving from Stalin ism to capitalism indeed their biggest export are their oligarchs. Brazil ruled by a so called leftist party ,its main cities surrounded by poor working class slums. China is also looked too as a way out of the present crisis but the Chinese dream  could become a problem as they face a slowdown in their economy.
So capitalism finds itself in an economic downward spiral,not to mention its own internal divisions, a continuous need to dampen down the anger of working people alongside the middle class who have been forced down the economic ladder.  Rebellions are part of the course of history most are never remembered. As an old militant when ever I went on strike I fought on a program to win that strike. The trade union bureaucratic leadership had their program either a compromise or sell out. What is true in a strike situation is also true in mass social upheaval . Without a program, a party, fighting on a clear strategy to take power in the interests of the  working class,if not, defeat looms large. Without such a party over the head of such a party it is difficult for a heterogeneous group to take on barbaric capitalism. 
This is the buzz word on the left at present it stems from the apparent impotence of  the left in the present capitalist crisis.  Unity by itself does not bring success,it can only be based on clear programmatic agreement and not just on organizational advantage. An example of this can be seen in Ireland with the United Left Alliance formed  suppose ably  to advance the  plight of workers in this crisis,now its history having wasted more energy on internal disputes then fighting the main enemy.  A clear discussion on program strategy and aim at the start would have sorted these differences out and in the process would have won over some of the most militant workers to need for workers revolution.This is probably wishful thinking as the main participants always base their politics on lowest common denominator politics. In Britain Ken Loach the film Director and one time supporter of the SLL (Socialist Labour League) called for new party to take on the betrayal of the Labour Party. While its understandable to seek a political party to fight the interests of our class, a blunted instrument is worse then none at all. Unity is good as long as it is based on an agreed programme  for workers revolution, otherwise it will fall apart as so many have done in the past,or become another Labour Party mark 2.

The continuing depression will bring more youth and workers onto the streets alongside the impoverished middle class. If the left don’t lead the right will. The European capitalist class fear even another Paris 68 .  Without  a party, at the most  any successful social upheaval  could end up as May 68,while what is needed is a world ruled by the working class as the only answer to capitalist barbarism.



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