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Syria/The West’s Bloody Hypocrisy

At present it is impossible to to listen to radio/t.v. or pick up a newspaper without some “objective” journalist sprouting on about the evil Syria. Chemical weapons is their cry,forgetting  the history of those pointing the finger.

Chemical Weapons curtsy U.S.

The U.S. used agent orange in Vietnam against the National Liberation Forces taking the lives of three million,while leaving a legacy of birth deformities which continues to this very day. Ah you say that was then they are different now,not so. Look at Iraq when they supported and armed Saddam  they stood idly by when he used chemical weapons against the Kurdish population of Iraq. When the U.S. upheld its imperial power through its military invasion of Iraq it used shells with depleted uranium on them. This radiation has left the Iraqi people suffering multiple deformities of new born children of the most horrific kind. In parts of Iraq the authorities have stopped keeping records of those born deformed. The U.S. sidekicks Britain/France all stand over this record. Stand together or hang separably without the American imperial army they are bit players in the scramble to maintain their Wealth/ Power in the 21st century.

Syrian civilians it seems to me where subjected to some form of chemical attack . Who did it who knows both sides in this civil war are no angels but while the U.S. alliance denounce Al Qa’ida they once again as in Afghanistan against the Soviets, find themselves in an alliance with the Al Nursa front and others affiliated with Al Qa’ida. Who is the biggest terrorist Assad or the U.S. Alliance.? Well if you ask the innocents killed by their drone attacks the cry would be loud and clear America.

And so the drive to war goes on as Robert Frisk said in the Independent on the chemical attack;

“In Iraq, we went to war on the basis of lies originally uttered by fakers and conmen. Now it’s war by YouTube. This doesn’t mean that the terrible images of the gassed and dying Syrian civilians are false. It does mean that any evidence to the contrary is going to have to be suppressed. For example, no-one is going to be interested in persistent reports in Beirut that three Hezbollah members – fighting alongside government troops in Damascus – were apparently struck down by the same gas on the same day, supposedly in tunnels. They are now said to be undergoing treatment in a Beirut hospital. So if Syrian government forces used gas, how come Hezbollah men might have been stricken too? Blowback?” (28.08.2013)

Why Now

However the question really is why Syria  now. It comes down to who will rule in 21st century, that requires ownership of all energy reservere’s for the west to maintain its hold on power and wealth. The present make up of the nations of the Mid east is artificial created mainly out of the decaying Ottoman empire,with British Empire creating borders for its own future interests.

The Problem for those who want to recast the region is, it is steeped in deep divisions between Sunni/Shia and a gamut of off shoots which will not be easy to temper once let loose. For example the Saudis hate the Persian,s here is what their King had to say in 2012 and of course they are Sunni while Iranians are Shia.

“Other than the collapse of the Islamic Republic itself,” Saudi King Abdullah was reported to have said last summer, “nothing would weaken Iran more than losing Syria.”Further statements by U.S. Gov official Tom Donilon

The plans for the overthrow of regimes in the mideast not sympathetic to western “democracy” has been around some time.

U.S. State Department

Tom Donilon, the US National Security Adviser, explained that the “end of the [President Bashar al-] Assad regime would constitute Iran’s greatest setback in the region yet – a strategic blow that will further shift the balance of power in the region against Iran.” (Counterpunch 6.1.12)

Shortly before, a key official in terms of operationalizing this policy, Under Secretary of State for the Near East Jeffrey Feltman, had stated at a congressional hearing that the US would “relentlessly pursue our two-track strategy of supporting the opposition and diplomatically and financially strangling the [Syrian] regime until that outcome is achieved”.

Of course what the U.S. want is a regime/regimes which will be more compatible with its interests in the region. The neo cons in the U.S. and Britain have for some time had a strategy for regime change in the middle east. In a  report produced by the neo-conservative Brookings Institute for regime change in Iran in 2009. The report – “Which Path to Persia?”  – continues to be the generic strategic approach for US-led regime change in the region.

“Towards a Post-Assad Syria” (which adopts the same language and perspective, but focuses on Syria, and was recently produced by two US neo-conservative think-tanks) illustrates how developments in Syria have been shaped according to the step-by-step approach detailed in the “Paths to Persia” report with the same key objective: regime change. It’s clear a stratagem is at work here to mold the middle east as a friend of “Democracy”. No matter that the puppets in control are enriching themselves while driving there own people to destitution. Look at Lybia a “liberation war ” created ala N.A.T.O. now under their control through their appointees.The Egyptian revolt is still very much under the control of the military who in turn is still run by the sons and friends of Mubarak straight through to the C.I.A. With the destruction of Iran and Syria the Mid east would be recast in favour of the west.In other words the mineral wealth of this region would be controlled by the west. “Democracy” triumphs, well more like rapacious capitalism triumphs

However with the various power bloc’s lining up and the people of the mid east as the cannon fodder this is a hornets nest.  This is one of the most explosive areas in the world today. Isreal waits as does Turkey to take their share. Russia/China/Iran for their own ends, versus the west. World wars have started over less.

Nothing can come out of this cesspit of capitalist politics of any interest to the working people of mid east except death and destruction.



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