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Mandela Adoration

I had respect for Mandela as a brave man, prepared to die for his beliefs. He suffered twenty seven years in prisons for those beliefs.I don’t know if I could remain true to my beliefs,I hope so but who knows. i. He was not alone many died in the struggle against apartheid both black and white. Steve Biko another black leader arrested tortured for twenty two hours stripped naked found dead handcuffed and naked to a cell window.

Mandela is revered around the globe because he represented all that was good against an evil system of segregation, most people are not racist.  People can see a shyster a mile off especially in politicians,Mandela was not. However because of this people did not look at his politics for if they did one could see he was more a lawyer then a political leader.

This can be seen in his discussions with the apartheid over a transition to “democracy” all done above the heads of the masses. The wealth of the apartheid rulers remained firmly in the hands of white apartheid ruling elite.They hand over the problems while maintaining their power and wealth. Nothing has trickled down to the ghettos. Instead of unleashing the power of the Black working class alongside their white allies to redistribute the enormous wealth made through the murderous exploitation over centuries, they were told to forgive.

It is a bit like say having each generation of your family being robbed of everything, murdered in the process then told to forgive, while those with blood on there hands keep what they stole but exploit you in the process. This we are told is a great step forward for South Africa. Well you can see why the Rich and Powerful are turning Mandela into a deity.  Before long we will have a world Nelson Mandela day a bit like the Martin Luther King day in the United States.Myself I always had a liking for Malcolm X he was never for turning the other cheek.

Some wealth has found its way into the new breed of black politician after all they have a job to do in keeping the black working class in check. The ghettos still exist, a good education is still the preserve of the rich.The working class have gained nothing except bullets as seen from the miners strike this year. The preservation of capitalism is paramount for the “rainbow nation” except that rainbow is not seen over the mines/factories and ghettos.

This is the Nelson Mandela legacy, he was a brave man within his own political context..He helped preserve apartheid wealth and power.  South Africa today a deeply divided and unequal society. Some might argue Mandela was only one man against a heinous system, however he spurned the support of the dispossessed,told them to put away there weapons while he made a deal over there heads preserving this barbaric system with few democratic trimmings. Instead of clearing out the Augean Stables he accepted ownership.

We now know at the time of his arrest he was on the central committee of the S.A. communist party,well at least his politics remained the same. Mandela tried and to a point succeeded in keeping the working class neutral,when hotpots broke out those he helped to power unleashed their new storm troopers of the new “rainbow” nation.

It will not be the Mandela’s legacy which overthrows capitalism in South Africa nor the present A.N.C. or the South African C.P.It will take a new workers party prepared to smash this corrupt state, putting those to the blade who warrant it, in the process establishing a new society.

As Victor Hugo once wrote,

“The guillotine is the ultimate expression of Law, and its name is vengeance; it is not neutral, nor does it allow us to remain neutral. All social questions achieve their finality around that blade.”

New birth is never easy.


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