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Irish Sanctimonious bullshit .

Sanctimonious bullshit

This sanctimonious bullshit about the royal family coming from the Irish on their first state visit to Britain.  How wonderful they are, is enough to send me to a shrink. She spoke a word or two of Irish how wonderful,she invited a few Irish to tea at the palace,Christ the Irish always came cheap. What is worse the parasites who rule this little country have invited her to the 100th commemorations for the dead of 1916. May they raise from their slumber to greet her and send her to her slumber. This being the same Royalty which helped maintain many a Royal family throughout Europe by interbreeding. This same Royal Family sat on there throne while millions were sacrificed to maintain their wealth and hereditary power in W.W.1.Pity they did’ent go the way of their cousins in Russia.

Irish Join Royal Club Again.

Cromwell had it right when it came to the English crown. The fawning over every word she utters is enough to drive  any decent republican to deaths door. Not so the Irish capitalist class.The present Irish prime minster has proposed a joint trip to drum up business with the English prime minster.  This fits into the overall need for more interconnection between the capitalists of these islands. Under the present political party now in control in Ireland Fine Gael, their is strong support for rejoining the commonwealth,the British alternative to the E.U., all be it a hangover from colonial times.Ireland would be a good addition to this organisation, from a British perspective with all its differences, it would give Britain more leverage in the E.U. Before long the Irish army could be helping out in places like Iraq for example.  So we can expect a lot more talk about getting closer to our cousins in Britain, or should it be on the “mainland” in the future.

My stomach turned watching the the usual crew complementing each other, whilst telling us much work is done, but more work needed to be done, in this “reconciliation” process.The Irish representative President Michael D Higgins (Labour Party) a man who likes the arts and writes poetry, fine with words as long as they don’t conflict with those in power. Not a mention of those suffering under the massive austerity measures brought in to preserve her Majesty and her hangers on, in the style the are acquainted. Like all his political accomplices of all persuasions he took the queens shilling.

Sinn Fein

However the prize for sheer hypocrisy must go to Sinn Fein in the person of Martin Mc Guinness he not only carries out Britain’s austerity in the north of Ireland,they now have him toasting the Queen. Sinn Fein offers nothing for the working man/woman of this Island. Sinn Fein is nationalist not a working class organization. It holds in its ranks Capitalists/petty capitalists and workers,no need to say who is the horse and who is the rider. Our history shows us look at Sinn Fein of the past.

Working Class Different Perspectives. 

Working people of these islands have never needed to be told whose side they are on. We fight the same fight. In 1913, British working class stood by us in our greatest battle against capital in this country, and many times since. The Irish working class likewise have always stood with the British working class,the great miners strike of 1984/85 being just one example.Yes the British sent their army, the army of the capitalist state, who murdered and maimed, while at the same time in Britain the Labour party, who sent them broke strikes.

I lived in Britain, fought in many a strike alongside my British fellow workers, colour nor race did’ent come into it, we had one enemy.Many opposed the British army in Ireland.`Sadly we lacked the political means a revolutionary workers party to go further then fighting the immediate enemy the boss, to smashing his organization the capitalist state.

So I resent these jumped up Irish politicians (Sinn Fein included) telling me to kiss the Queen’s arse, royal though it may be. We the working classes of these islands have nothing to apologize for, but a lot to be avenged.When the workers of these isles work together this crap which floats on the surface can be scooped off and a better society put in place.

While we are at it we shall put that useless institution” Royalty” on the funeral pyre of History.


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