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Riddle me This.

The patient is now out of surgery and is now in the recovery ward . The prognosis according to the “specialists” is excellent even though it means we will have to pay for the pain management for decades to come. This we are told is how it is with capitalism,it’s been sick before and  it will be again. If not  smashed by those it has turned into indentured slaves at a whim your children s children will still be paying for it. Since 2008/9 whole countries have had their social fabric destroyed by Capitalism. Greece/Portugal/Cyprus/Ireland and many other countries are still reeling from measures taken to preserve the rich in the style they are accustomed. Jobs lost, wages cut, social services destroyed, all in aid of preserving the power of Capital. Mind you their was an increase in work for one tradesman the coffin maker.

Five Years later this recovery has sprouted racist and fascistic parties across Europe  getting themselves elected to the citadel of European capitalism in Brussels.  This is not surprising given the depth of this crisis and the massive unemployment and poverty created  across Europe. The social democratic parties came into their own in this period as they always do when capitalism goes into crisis. The Irish Labour party learned well from its German affiliates who were taught by the best.   They become the foot soldiers for Capitalism demanding working people take the medicine as they climb the greasy ladder to the footstool of the boss. This is not to say their has been no resistance their has, but it has too often been weak sporadic and led mainly by small left wing parties alongside various independents,all following their own paths. Politically they stretch from disillusioned labour party people to ostensible trotskyist and everyone else in between. The trade union bureaucrats have as one expects left the workers to their faith.

 In the past week elections took place all across Europe returning a  political mix to Brussels,will it make any difference,  tinkering with this system will do nothing but preserve it. None of the left parties say what is needed,  the destruction of capitalism, except when they speak quietly among themselves. Is it any wonder the the racist and fascist parties are growing in Europe,they are clear what they want while the left bend like a blade of grass in the wind. In Ireland the voters in local elections have elected more members of Fianna Fail, the party which brought the country to its knees,why because their is no working class party as an alternative. This  despite all the various independents,Trotskyists including Sinn Fein standing in the elections.  Sinn Fein has made a break through but it in no way represents the working people of this island, it is Fianna Fail mark two with Gerry Adams as Mr Develera.

 This Capitalist crisis has not stoped at the borders of Europe it has been felt by the working class worldwide, including in the belly of the beast the U.S.A. Among the capitalist class divisions have opened for dominance of the market particularly in energy. Ukraine is an example of this both the E.U. and the U.S. wanted an agreement signed during the Medan demonstrations opening up their markets including oil and gas exploration off the coast of all places Crimea and for this they were prepared to get into bed with Fascists,indeed ending up putting a number of  them in power. The world today has more of semblance to pre world war one with the various powers lining up to protect their interests. The U.S. and its cohorts smash anyone who goes against them Lybia/Syria/Iran/  death is rained down upon them all in the name of “DEMOCRACY”. Now they are out to teach those pesky Russians a lesson. The question is have they bitten off more then they can chew, is not the American Century over, or is it? The only way this will be determined is through the U.S. taking out Russia,China,Iran the new axis of evil in U.S. eyes.

So Riddle me this if the world is on the road to recovery how come the world feels more unstable then anytime since the first world war. The U.S. brings fascists to power in the Ukraine in it’s proxy war with Russia. While as a sideline destroying Syria in its war on terror. I await the movie or is this the movie. These hypocrites will commemorate the dead of W.W. 1  this year. If only these war dead could rise up and strike the purveyors of death to their deaths.  We need the drum of workers revolution to beat our call, to end this carnival of reaction once and for all.


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