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Zionism Deadly Embrace

Zionism’s Deadly Embrace

Gaza today death rains from the sky’s killing and maiming everything in its path.The dogs of war are unleashed once again for the nightmare of Zion. Suffer the little Palestinian children in the name of a Jewish homeland. Protected by Anglo/American imperialism, Zionism as camp guard in the middle east,a role it plays to perfection. This is not one of those conflicts where the Americans come charging in on their white stead to save the day aka Iraq,Libya,Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine,(sic) their  will be no drones over Israel.

They may not agree with its policeman on the job but where would they be without them,as the saying goes hang together or hang separately. This is no consolation to thousands of Palestinians who have been excluded from their homeland since 1948 with no right of return, suffering one defeat upon another.Gaza for the last seven years has been blockaded by Zionism with little getting in or out. Zionism seeks to destroy a beaten, broken people, imprisoned inside a ghetto created by a state which knows all about the fear of imprisonment inside such ghettos.


During the Warsaw ghetto the various Jewish resistance groups built tunnel’s to store what weapons they could obtain to fight/escape the inevitable destruction of their own people.Why should Palestinians not do likewise. Is there a difference in what the Zionists are doing in Gaza compared to the Nazis in Warsaw? Their is a thin line between nationalism and fascism, particularly in the period of capitalism’s decay and this has been the period of Zionism birth. Most nationalism came into being with the rise of the the capitalist state it came into being with its decline. Hence its master Anglo/American imperialism.

In Gaza today if your “lucky” the Zionist ‘s drop leaflets, even more surreal ring the house which will be bombed telling the occupant to leave as they are about to bomb it. That is some customer service,it would be funny if it wasn’t so deadly.  More importantly where are these people to go,Egypt’s border is barred to them Israel bars all other exits.with only the sea to their back. One does not have to be clairvoyant to think the Zionists are moving to a different agenda the emasculation of Gaza as a viable Palestinian entity. With the driving out of large sections of the Palestinians and the destruction of Gaza’s infrastructure Gaza can be corralled by Israel,destroying any viable establishment of a Palestinian state.


Israel supported in its foundation by the British, partly as a means of controlling the rising tide of Arab Nationalism after the first world war.Since its inception Israel has fought a continuous war of annihilation against it’s Palestinian neighbors for a homeland.Built on the fear of the Holocaust Jewish emigration to Israel had its highest point after second world war by those who feared and  determined this would never happen again. Before the war most Jewish people did not buy into the Zionists call for a Jewish state.

However since its foundation in all of its wars of preservation,even more so now with its destruction of Gaza it does nothing but furnish weapons to the anti-Semites the world over.

Zionism is the grim reaper for the Palestinian masses, but paradoxically also for the Jewish masses. Zionism has built a prison for its own people as sure as there walls surround the Palestinian masses,they also imprison themselves.

“In reality, Zionist ideology, like all ideologies, is only the distorted reflection of the interests of a class. It is the ideology of the Jewish petty bourgeoisie, suffocating between feudalism in ruins and capitalism in decay. The refutation of the ideological fantasies of Zionism does not naturally refute the real needs which brought them into being. It is modern anti-Semitism, and not mythical “eternal” anti-semitism, which is the best agitator in favor of Zionism. Similarly, the basic question to determine is: To what extent is Zionism capable of resolving not the “eternal” Jewish problem but the Jewish question in the period of capitalist decay?”(Abram Leon.the Jewish Question)

It cannot it is not possible in the period of the continuous crisis of capitalism, in the period of almost incessant wars.Likewise the Palestinians right to determine their own future  will be at the behest of Anglo/American imperialism,if that is what they want I will fight for their right to do so.However like Israel it will be a failed state from its existence in the twilight of capitalist decay.Seeking its right to exist from Anglo/American Imperialism.


A Future

The Sadistic butchers of Gaza’s women and children will pay the price for their slaughter by the workers of Palestine and those advanced Jewish workers who break their chains. We don’t forget that Jewish people have given many fighters for the cause of socialism  and will do again,one should not assume that the Jewish working class are one with there Zionist government. Opposition inside the belly of the beast though it be small does exist. This is I know is of little comfort to the Palestinians at this moment.

They are like David who fought the philistine Goliath with only a sling and five smooth stones only now for a Goliath stands Zionism’s murderous battalions of savagery.

Instead of a sling and stones in this epoch only socialism poses the  answer to this deadly embrace. Capitalism in its death throes offers annihilation for one or the other. Uniting the Jewish working class alongside the Palestinian masses may seem ludicrous at this point,not to attempt do so is lay dormant the only class which can open the way to a solution,and can bring an end to the Zionists death trap in the middle east,with all the implications that has for the world.


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