the rule of many over rule of the few.

” The protesters are responsible for the ‘creeping anarchy’ threatening the peace by engaging in ‘rampant law-breaking and thuggery” (Stephen O’Byrnes, Irish Times).

Irish society in the most recent period has been convulsed by massive demonstrations against a new water tax to be paid every year. This is just one of many new taxes introduced since the banks crashed. Alas this  looks like the one which breaks the camels back. While most people know that even in Ireland water does not appear in our taps without treatment, it needs money.   However for years Irish people paid for this in their taxes so the question is were did the money go. ?

This tax we are told is to modernize the pipe network and conserve water but given the Irish state is in massive debt and will be for generations to come, having paid the bankers debt, one would be forgiven in seeing the Government as a second hand car dealer selling a badly used car as new. This is certainly how the Irish working class have viewed it, more taxes to pay the Bankers debt. In two massive demonstrations they have turned out in hundreds of thousands effectively shutting down the main thoroughfares of Dublin city, descending on the city from all corners of Ireland.The problem for this Government is its constant imposition of taxes on the working poor, has been oppressive and intimidating, with constant cutbacks on necessary services always targeting the most oppressed. Here is some austerity violence by the Bankers Government.

 short list:

-There are now 1,230,000 people suffering from deprivation, or 27% of the population—up from 12% in 2007.
-Between 2009 and 2014, health spending was cut by a mind-boggling 27%. On top of that, we know that privatized, for-profit health care systems result in more people who die, worse care, and more money wasted, but the government is doing nothing apart from cutting even more.
-Communities have been faced with a string of cuts over 2008-2014, including:
-Violence against women programme: -38.2%
-Women’s organisations: -48.7%
-Projects for youth: -44.1%
-Community development: -43.6%
-Voluntary social housing: -50.0%
-Drugs programmes: -37.0%
-Family Support Agency: -32.5%

-The number of people sleeping rough in Dublin is at its highest since records began, having tripled in five years. There are 700 homeless children living in emergency accommodation; the number of homeless families in this situation has more than doubled in the past year. (Julien Mercille on Broadsheet)


Fighting Back the Irish working class are now seeing how its “ Democratic Politicians” actually view them. These shysters are hysterically running around shouting red conspiracy with the help of their friends in the media. A national newspaper on the front page of its review put one of the leaders of these demonstrations with an old soviet background. One such politician warned of the” ISIS” threat at home and how it must be nipped in the bud. Ignore this warning at your peril.    The People have taken to the streets where ever politicians have deemed to show their faces to protest their presence, sometimes banging on their car, in one instance blocking a politician from departing. a water bag was thrown making contact with the intending target. Eggs and water balloons banging on a politicians car makes you a lawbreaker an anarchist. The politician in question said she felt frightened, little does she know how frightened and angry, people are out there.

A seething anger lurks beneath the surface awaiting a vent to explode. While it is imperative for these political shysters to impoverish the working class to pay the Bankers debt, at the behest of the TroikaBanks, it is deemed extremist to bang on a car of a well heeled politician working for the same banks in reality. Now working people are saying all bets, are off, enough. The Bankers Government have unleashed their dogs in the media to intimidate and victimize anyone leading this opposition. They will use any and all arms of the state to break this opposition. The Politicians, are threatening and using the taxman alongside other arms of the state against those who refuse to pay.  Your bank account,dole check, mothers allowance, nothing is safe from the Bankers Government. Whilst using the old reliable’s the police, prisons ect. For all those who believed class struggle disappeared in the twenty first century think again, you need only look at the state of Ireland today.

Capitalism today looks more like its Victorian cousin of yesteryear,in its decay. The Rich get Richer and the poor die poor.

While their is much talk of  intimidation and violence of the mob, the State’s intimidation/violence, is the unemployed,the homeless, zero hour contracts,the list goes on. The privatization of healthcare,someone forced to die because they cannot pay, capitalism at its best. If your unemployed you are just a statistic as Marx put it ” It does not consider him, during the time when he is not working, as a human being. It leaves this to criminal law, doctors, religion, statistical tables, politics, and the beadle.” Wages of Labour (1844

There power consists not merely of armed men but also of its courts, media, prisons, and institutions of coercion of all kinds, of which the well heeled know little,while workingmen and women face it on picket lines on a regular basis, and in a myriad of different ways.The state is nothing but a machine for the suppression of one class by another.   With this class rule comes the fowl smelling racism whereby the colour of your skin if not porcelain white puts you at a disadvantage,such racism is often a daily occurrence,very often carried out by the states armed bodies of men,the police.  Now that Irish working people after six years of the cruelest austerity, are putting their head above this capitalist pit of poverty,they are now threatened with these very armed bodies of the state in defense of the class which rules over us. They will not be afraid to use them as these protests heat up and use them they will if the recent events are anything to go by.

This is the true face of”Democratic Government”when faced with a risen populace or as they would call it the “mob”well the mob did not too badly when they rid Russia of the czar. We may rid ourselves of some of these Bankers taxes but without our own party dedicated  to sweeping into the rubbish bin this festering rotten  dung heap, and building a society for the many against the few,the same old crap will reappear.

All out December the 10th………..


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