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Syriza Comes to Power

The desperation of the Greek working class suffering under the relentless attacks of capitalism has forced many to suicide,while leaving many in desperate poverty. Unemployment is at levels of the German Wiemar Republic levels. Syriza are an amalgam of Euro communists and combination of various leftists groupings all with their own political programs,in essence an uneasy political alliance.The working class have switched support to Syriza after Pasok betrayed them. While not disputing Syriza’s wish to ease the burden imposed on the Greek population it cannot be done by temporizing with the IMF.European Union,to do so will end in defeat for the working class for decades to come.

In Power

The first sign in power of this bending the knee is their coalition with a right wing party which is deeply racist patriotic and deeply anti immigrant. They then put them in charge of defense i.e. the police and the army,the armed fist of the state. That sends out the right message to capitalism, nothing to worry about here. What are Sryiza offering, well it is not the overthrow of capital in Greece.In their Thessaloniki program which was originally to last 100 days now becomes a four year program. This makes the minimum wage 750 per month if your covered by a collective agreement.If you are in part time work too bad.It also wants to freeze state layoffs including halting state privatization. For those who have lost most of their pensions they get the measly sum of 1.20 euro top up,not quite revolutionary.

Tsipras Dangerous Man ?

In 2012 the German magazine Der Spiegel  named Tsipras among the most dangerous men in Europe. A lot has changed since then now Syrzia officials say it supports the euro and wants to renegotiate the bailout,all be it through a international debt conference,in other words begging for crumbs from their exploiters. This should not be a surprise Tsipras has held talks with European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi in Frankfurt and Austrian President Heinz Fischer about 2012,by then Tsipras rhetoric had died down.

“This is not the Alexis Tsipras of 2010,” said Blanka Kolenikova, European analyst for IHS Global Insight. “Since the last election Syriza’s rhetoric has calmed down. Tsipras is preparing for the fact that he might be leading a government so he needs to prove that he is approachable and flexible.” Their is no talk of nationalizing the banks just controls on the debt

“default” is gone, replaced with “renegotiation”. Syriza wants Europe to write off a big chunk of Greece’s 318 billion euros of debt – worth 175 percent of GDP – on a recognition that Greece’s problem is Europe’s problem too.

Tsipras represents an attempt at a middle way for capitalism and for all their bluster the IMF/E.U. know they can do business with Syriza. They, at least in the leadership of Syriza are the epitome of left social democracy. Capitalism will use them when of no use anymore they will turn to a military dictatorship or fascism. What is clear is Syriza is not a party seeking to overthrow  the capitalist state,it is for the Euro and Nato its military arm. The crisis is so deep only the revolutionary workers government can solve it in the interests of working class.

A Way Forward.

A revolutionary party would call for the mobilization of the trade unions,establishment of workers councils, leading to formation of a workers government,  the cancellation of the debt, alongside the formation of a workers militia.. A sliding scale of wages and hours, a massive works program,  nationalization of the banks. This would point a way out of this capitalist crisis for not only those countries in debt but a way forward for working people across the globe.This kind of program would also put the KKK (Communist party Greece) on the spot and break there base away from their absenteeism and sectarianism of its leadership.

A workers militia would quickly deal with the fascists Golden Dawn, capitalism’s fifth column.

Without such a program history has many hard lessons for us Spain in the thirties, Chile in the seventies not to learn from these is criminal, it is workers who will pay the price For the formation of workers councils and revolutionary workers government to expropriate the capitalist class.


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