the rule of many over rule of the few.

They beat them into the ground with their Capitalist austerity. Pay us our money they chant in unison, while people starve or just simply commit suicide. This the European Union a community of “equals”, in your dreams. Their cry look at those good compliment Irish they did what they were told why cant you. Then of course they lash into the racist denigration of the feckless lazy southern Europeans versus the good northern European worker. Such bullshit pours from the capitalist press every day.

These “lazy Greeks” have made massive sacrifices in the last few years to pay these criminals who bankrupted a proud people.Pensions cut unemployment through the floor fascism on the rise these are the policies offered by the IMF/Troika or as they say the” Adults in the room”.Any new Troika deal will simply continue to pay off debts, with continued austerity for workers. Lets be clear this is not workers debt it is bankers debt.Welcome to the 21st century capitalism mortgage your children s future to a German/French banker.

The present situation I suggest is an attempt by the IMF/Troika to create the conditions for a coup against Syriza who simply asked for a week (after months of discussions) to allow them to ask the people if he they would accept this new austerity deal.The IMF/Troika showed exactly what they thought of Democracy,there answer was an emphatic no. For the European Union last Saturdays shenanigan’s is probably the death of the European Union as we know it. Whatever happens with Greece their is no going back. The Irish Government who has played the rottweiler in its comments on Greece will soon learn this.

Syriza’s Referendum offers no solution asking people do they want more pain or stick with the pain they have. In effect it really means in or out of Europe. At present the country is splitting into two camps those who want the bankers in control and those who want a more democratic Europe. Syriza who are mainly social democratic with a pretty confused left wing, are for a no vote on Sunday.The Greek Communist party are to the left of Syriza and have deep roots in the working class are also for a no vote. What they do could be decisive. Alongside them are the nationalists and Golden Dawn(fascists party) these would hope to grow and make a bid for power in the chaos which would follow a no vote. Such as the creation of a new currency possible hyper inflation in post referendum deeply divided Greece.

If as they will Syriza leads its people to simply to say no on Sunday, they lead them to the slaughter. What is needed is a no vote, but also an alternative, expropriate the banks. Take the factories establish workers councils in every region to create jobs. Call on the Italian and Spanish, Irish, workers to follow their example. For a new European united state based on socialist principles.  Lastly in this very volatile situation a workers militia is a necessity, remember Chile.

Politics hates a vacuum,this exists now in Greece,either the working class fill’s it or the IMF/Troika or its agents will with all its bloody implications. Remember Chile.   


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