the rule of many over rule of the few.

The World on Life Support

I am an optimist by nature but the world today offers very little to be optimistic about. We have been told that the worst capitalist crisis sine 1929 is now effectively over,that economies are now on the rise again. Of course this is spoken from the lofty towers of capital. On the ground of course it is sneered at by those who scramble for the crumbs in their new low paid zero hour contracts. Greece still bankrupt.Portugal not much better while little old plucky Ireland paid the bond holders for their bad gambling habits, and are patted on the back for being a good pupil. Its Government then simply cut, cut, and cut again until their are no safety nets any-more.It now has the worst housing crisis in the history of the state while its health service is in total meltdown,suicides are at epidemic levels. Hundreds of thousands have immigrated the old escape valve for the political establishment. Those who remain work for low pay and even worse conditions. Austerity is the mantra from Ireland to Portugal and Greece, the poor will pay for the capitalist crisis. Greece in the near future has a three billion payment to make to its lenders. Where does it come from. It is obvious the Greek government does not have it.However they tell us we are out of the woods, the U.S. even going as far as to raise interest rates,confidence is back in the markets we are told. This of course after the central banks of the U.S. and Europe printed trillions of dollars and Euors to keep capitalism on four wheels and keep social unrest at bay.

Alas it does not seem to be working since the beginning of the year the finance markets have lost trillions in market turbulence,which continues to the present and does not look like dissipating. On the contrary it may get worse. This week there were questions over the financial viability of some of the Germany banks not to mention the Italian banks. So this capitalist crisis is in many respects is far worse then 1929. It is being contained by the simple method of printing lots and lots of Paper or as they call it money. It was something they did in Germany not so long before the second world war. Hence the price of gold has quadrupled.


Throw into this mix the crisis in Europe,the rise of right wing governments,Poland,Hungary,while Britons conservatives call for an exit from the European Union.In most of Europe  their is the rise of various fascistic groups in response to inflow of war refugees,caused by the west in particular U.S. attempt to redesign the Mid East,in its haste to control the next century, through control of energy. The millions of refugees pouring into Europe may be the straw that brakes the camels back. In a Europe where the poor are ground down by the capitalist debt. Those who run the Euro club are in open warfare with one another for a bigger slice of the cake,while workers pay for it. The club is on very shaky ground at the moment. It is unlikely the European Union can continue as it has, either it becomes centralized or it will end up pulling itself apart. It is unlikely it can centralize their are too many conflicting forces in its mists to allow this to happen,not least nationalist sentiment led by capital.

The Mid East is probably the most volatile region in the world today. The attempt by the U.S. to redesign this region in its grab for control of the worlds energy resourses, and continue its dominance of the world. They took Saddam out because he was making a pack with the devil,China/Russia. He had agreed to join the new alternative bank being set up by China/Russia.It had nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction.    As the U.S said at the time any challenge of the dollar as the number one currency in the world would have to be done over their dead body. As it turned out this was not case it was Saddam’s, and many more besides. Lybia followed and is now in a civil war, with Isis said to be moving into  many parts of the country. Syria has gone now for five years with horrendous amount of dead and injured no to mention the floods of refugees,the worst since the second world war. This was the U.S. plan B fund and train the the Islamic extremists who had once fought for them in Afghanistan, to fight a proxy war for them in Syria.This is how Isis came into being with ex- Bathists joining it for there own ends. Into this mess the U.S. client states in the region are playing their part. In so doing another element entered religion Sunni verus Shia. Turkey also seen an opportunity under that buffoon Argdoan the Turkish President to get a piece of the action,smash the Kurds on his border and in the event of victory taking back part of Syria lost in the first word war carve up. He has allowed Isis fighters to travel through turkey with arms to Syria. He also allowed truck loads of arms to be taken to the border. The Isis injured are treated in Turkish hospitals. Journalists who exposed this are now sitting in jail charged with treason. While the Europeans hand over three billion euro to him to help the refugees he has helped create,who says crime doesn’t pay.

Russia enters the fray, since the Ukraine it is clear the worlds temperature has risen for the worse. Russia has it own agenda Putin is no angel the Ukraine he seen as a part of his sphere of influence. Then the U.S. sets about a coup led by fascists who base themselves on the Ukrainian fascists who fought alongside Hilter in W.W.11 Since then the I.M.F./U.S. and the European Union have poured billions into this corrupt Government,established by the  West as a means of stymieing Putins Russia. The problem for the west is it is not working, since Russia outbid the U.S./European Union,in entering the war in Syria on Assad’s side and is turning in Assad’s favour. While the U.S. proxies are in disarray including Turkey. This is a situation which cannot be allowed from the West point of view. All the above events have come about because there is in the making an alternative axis to the U.S. power in the world, namely China/Russia. As seen by their establishment of there alternative to the I.M.F. Whoever controls the worlds energy resources will control the next century and the U.S. in its decrepit state is seeking to continue its twenty century role into the 21st. Great powers don’t fight wars to protect Democracy/Small Nations/ no they go to war to protect markets or gain new ones and maintain the wealth of the few. This is what is at play in the world today.

This week NATO sent a flotilla of ships to the Aegean sea ostensible to protect those refugees crossing from Greece to Turkey,why now why not before. Is it not more to do with Russia getting the upper hand in Syria. Which begs the question what next.The Russian navy now face a NATO flotilla in the A. The implications don’t bare thinking about.


All of the above will be nothing if capitalism in its death agony continues to take the world to the abyss of W.W.3.  However they should not forget wars tend to be the cradles of revolution.



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