the rule of many over rule of the few.

After the Brexit referendum David Cameron said as captain of the ship it was time for him to hand over to a new captain.I thought at the time this was a metaphor too far.His speechwriters I am sure, thought it pretty good,however his ship is well and truly holed below the water line and is sinking. All the rats are moving their stocks and shares to calm’er waters.The poor are left to go down with the ship under the leadership of “left wing Jeremy Corbyn”who offered no alternative to the Brexit’ers. While the right wing of his party, alongside Murdochs press, go after him for not being harder in getting the message out to remain. (Shakespeare would have had a great time writing a comedy on this.)

Corbyn’s real problem is the party he leads offers no hope of fundamental change for working /unemployed people in the U.K. it is wedded to reforming capitalism. Working people need a party which would break from this European Union which is nothing more then a capitalist cabal. While free travel is a useful aside for those who can afford it,it is mainly used as a means of having an army of cheap labour for European Capitalism. A workers party worth the name in the U.K. would call on workers in the rest of Europe to join them in building a Europe in the interests of working people not capitalism.

The middle class in the U.K. harks back to the time when it ruled an empire while playing cricket on the lawn. Sections of the working class believe the propaganda about immigrant workers spun by UKIP mainly, after years of vicious austerity. Alas it’s empire is dead and gone and the U.K.’s role is based on it’s so called “special relationship ” with the U.S. for some this is a hard realization. Power has shifted it is not Europe never mind the U.K..Their is a reason the U.S. has its ships surrounding China it is the new up and coming power,where billions can be made in the new silk roads being recreated with India/Russia/Caucuses,not to mention Africa. Europe is not as important as it once was and the U.K. even more so.

With the implosion of the USSR and its satellite states the U.S. and Europe claimed victory over “Godless Communism” in so doing it racked up a massive deficit which it still lives with to this very day. Add to that the capitalist crisis of 2008 to the present means that capitalism’s imperial power the U.S. is deeper in debt then most.Running its military/industrial complex costs,one would have thought it would have learned from its old ally the U.K.

On the day when the warlords of the world hypocritically commemorate the dead of W.W.1 after which U.K./France laid the basis for the divisions in the Middle East, by drawing lines on a map  which continue today. France got Syria, the U.K. took Iraq/Palestine later Persia (later called Iran)this being done under the auspices of the “Anglo Persian Oil Company”. This company was a lot like the East Indian company set up to rip off India’s wealth,likewise with the( APOC) the U.K. wanted the oil, paid Shah in power to maintain resemblance of peace.

U.K. imperial power took a major hit at the end of W.W.2 with the U.K. coming out of it bankrupt and depending on loans from the U.S. to keep itself going. While the U.S. moved into its shoes in Persia maintaining the supply of oil to the Europe at low prices,with the cooperation of the U.K. making vast profits,while poverty and oppression reigned. The U.K. being a basket case had to divest itself of its jewel in the crown India and it did so through petition with all its implications,which are still felt to this day.

That is the special relationship the U.K. has with U.S. imperialism it (U.K) facilitated it taken over its exploitation of the oil and gas pipelines in the middle east. All it asked for was a slice of the action.In the past this was camouflaged under the banner of protecting the world from communism, now it is seen for what it is, companies run via the U.S. taking the natural resources of these countries.However now “Communism” is gone their are others seeking these oil and gas resources,China-Russia for instance. Look at the Mid East, the U.S. has not redesigned it as it thought it would after Iraq/Libya,it is more of a chess board than ever. Look at Russia in Syria stymieing the U.S.

The world today is more in keeping with pre W.W.1 a struggle for resources by differing axis of powers with  U.S. imperialism looking overstretched militarily. While at home economically its deficit continues to climb into the stratosphere, as the working class goes deeper into the poverty.   Europe is not much better austerity is a way of life.

The U.K. now set to get a new captain for its sinking ship which has being sinking for some time and has been helped along by its old captain and crew making a new hole to help it sink faster. The immigrants they complain about are the chickens coming home to roast from it’s empire.The U.S. have repeated ad nausea-um since Brexit, of the special relationship, me thinks they protests too much.

It is not an accident that both the Conservatives and Labour are in crisis after such a momentous decision they only reflect the crisis of capitalism which they both defend in different ways. The future of the U.K. is not looking great it was a second class power, it has now moved into the third class compartment,no matter what the U.S. say.

This is one of those moments when all things are changed utterly a vacuum exists and politics hates a vacuum,the question is, who will fill it.

For the U.K. working class their is a way of sinking H. M. Britannia and sending it to the bottom, build on the proud history of the Scottish/Welsh workers alongside all who seek a better world,if not the future looks bleak for the disunited kingdom. Now that would not be Tragedy or Farce, but a way out of austerity U.K. and a beacon of hope for all workers everywhere.





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