the rule of many over rule of the few.

Trump tumps war drums.

Trumps election reflects if anything the decline and crisis of American capitalism. For many U.S. workers in states all over the U.S.A. it means even more poverty. His call to bring jobs home is like listening to a second hand car salesman, he cannot do it. The U.S. and European capital do not rule world as in the past Their has been a shift to the east China and the new silk roads. Their is a potential new world order in the making, the U.S. can be apart of it but they will not be allowed to rule it. The U.S. knows whoever controls the energy resources will control the new century, however it is not exactly going well for them at present. Their attempt to redesign the middle east has not gone to plan, they were out manoeuvred by Russia in Syria, they have created a quagmire in Iraq/Libya not to mention Afghanistan. Its military forces are overstretched from the middle east to its new theatre of action the south China sea. Trumps triumph is the victory of  that wing of American capitalism who see its power internationally in decline and are willing to turn to a would be dictator, so they can say in the future, it was not us, it was him. If I were an American worker I would hang on to my wallet when he talks about jobs, for it maybe empty when you leave the meeting. For him its about saving U.S.capitalism and the jobs, badly paid, come way down the list.

Trumps program is taken straight from pre world war 1 days  Isolationism, Protectionism, which lead to retaliatory action, and eventually to shooting wars. But Trump on the day of his coronation told the world he would spend billions on modernizing the armed forces. This a country hundreds of trillions in debt quite a lot owned by the Chinese central bank a country he has made war like noises towards, not a smart thing to do.  His  overtures to Putin is I believe an attempt to cement alliances very much like the British did against Germany before W.W.1 only now it is against China. He needs other allies if he his to take on the Chinese his military still don’t forget Vietnam, it has not gone too well since then.

American workers should be fearful of the cabal of right wing and proto fascists characters he has gather around him no friends of working people. Trump is not a Fascist he does not have his brown shirts nor a fascist party,  which is not to say he could not become one. Their is no question his Muslim ban on U.S. entry has clear parallel’s with 1930s Germany. His tenuous links to the Republicans is what he has. They think he is controllable at least wing of them do, but power is a great aphrodisiac.

Trump is also a product of the U.S. victory in the cold war and the Implosion of the Soviet Union. In many ways it was a hollow victory with the U.S. billions in debt. It laid the basis for the rise of the power which is China today, and the eventual rebirth of extremely corrupt Russian capitalism made from the sacrifices of the Russian working class. With a renewed military eager to have a bigger slice of an ever shrinking capitalist cake. The U.S. after the 2008/9 crisis its power waned internationally while whole cities went bankrupt in the U.S. It may be the end of the road for U.S.imperial rule ass we know it,  but if those who support Trump have anything to do with it, it is going to be bloody. Those who supported him are not a mass block they can be broken from him by a decent working class party, which speaks the truth only smashing this corrupt system can jobs be provided under a new system built by working people. Trumps RACISM,MISOGYNIE,WAR MONGERING,DRONE MURDERING, KKK ers, can be put to work down the sewers, That is something worth handing to future generations.













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