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Trump tumps war drums.

Trumps election reflects if anything the decline and crisis of American capitalism. For many U.S. workers in states all over the U.S.A. it means even more poverty. His call to bring jobs home is like listening to a second hand car salesman, he cannot do it. The U.S. and European capital do not rule world as in the past Their has been a shift to the east China and the new silk roads. Their is a potential new world order in the making, the U.S. can be apart of it but they will not be allowed to rule it. The U.S. knows whoever controls the energy resources will control the new century, however it is not exactly going well for them at present. Their attempt to redesign the middle east has not gone to plan, they were out manoeuvred by Russia in Syria, they have created a quagmire in Iraq/Libya not to mention Afghanistan. Its military forces are overstretched from the middle east to its new theatre of action the south China sea. Trumps triumph is the victory of  that wing of American capitalism who see its power internationally in decline and are willing to turn to a would be dictator, so they can say in the future, it was not us, it was him. If I were an American worker I would hang on to my wallet when he talks about jobs, for it maybe empty when you leave the meeting. For him its about saving U.S.capitalism and the jobs, badly paid, come way down the list.

Trumps program is taken straight from pre world war 1 days  Isolationism, Protectionism, which lead to retaliatory action, and eventually to shooting wars. But Trump on the day of his coronation told the world he would spend billions on modernizing the armed forces. This a country hundreds of trillions in debt quite a lot owned by the Chinese central bank a country he has made war like noises towards, not a smart thing to do.  His  overtures to Putin is I believe an attempt to cement alliances very much like the British did against Germany before W.W.1 only now it is against China. He needs other allies if he his to take on the Chinese his military still don’t forget Vietnam, it has not gone too well since then.

American workers should be fearful of the cabal of right wing and proto fascists characters he has gather around him no friends of working people. Trump is not a Fascist he does not have his brown shirts nor a fascist party,  which is not to say he could not become one. Their is no question his Muslim ban on U.S. entry has clear parallel’s with 1930s Germany. His tenuous links to the Republicans is what he has. They think he is controllable at least wing of them do, but power is a great aphrodisiac.

Trump is also a product of the U.S. victory in the cold war and the Implosion of the Soviet Union. In many ways it was a hollow victory with the U.S. billions in debt. It laid the basis for the rise of the power which is China today, and the eventual rebirth of extremely corrupt Russian capitalism made from the sacrifices of the Russian working class. With a renewed military eager to have a bigger slice of an ever shrinking capitalist cake. The U.S. after the 2008/9 crisis its power waned internationally while whole cities went bankrupt in the U.S. It may be the end of the road for U.S.imperial rule ass we know it,  but if those who support Trump have anything to do with it, it is going to be bloody. Those who supported him are not a mass block they can be broken from him by a decent working class party, which speaks the truth only smashing this corrupt system can jobs be provided under a new system built by working people. Trumps RACISM,MISOGYNIE,WAR MONGERING,DRONE MURDERING, KKK ers, can be put to work down the sewers, That is something worth handing to future generations.













Tragedy and Farce-Brexit

After the Brexit referendum David Cameron said as captain of the ship it was time for him to hand over to a new captain.I thought at the time this was a metaphor too far.His speechwriters I am sure, thought it pretty good,however his ship is well and truly holed below the water line and is sinking. All the rats are moving their stocks and shares to calm’er waters.The poor are left to go down with the ship under the leadership of “left wing Jeremy Corbyn”who offered no alternative to the Brexit’ers. While the right wing of his party, alongside Murdochs press, go after him for not being harder in getting the message out to remain. (Shakespeare would have had a great time writing a comedy on this.)

Corbyn’s real problem is the party he leads offers no hope of fundamental change for working /unemployed people in the U.K. it is wedded to reforming capitalism. Working people need a party which would break from this European Union which is nothing more then a capitalist cabal. While free travel is a useful aside for those who can afford it,it is mainly used as a means of having an army of cheap labour for European Capitalism. A workers party worth the name in the U.K. would call on workers in the rest of Europe to join them in building a Europe in the interests of working people not capitalism.

The middle class in the U.K. harks back to the time when it ruled an empire while playing cricket on the lawn. Sections of the working class believe the propaganda about immigrant workers spun by UKIP mainly, after years of vicious austerity. Alas it’s empire is dead and gone and the U.K.’s role is based on it’s so called “special relationship ” with the U.S. for some this is a hard realization. Power has shifted it is not Europe never mind the U.K..Their is a reason the U.S. has its ships surrounding China it is the new up and coming power,where billions can be made in the new silk roads being recreated with India/Russia/Caucuses,not to mention Africa. Europe is not as important as it once was and the U.K. even more so.

With the implosion of the USSR and its satellite states the U.S. and Europe claimed victory over “Godless Communism” in so doing it racked up a massive deficit which it still lives with to this very day. Add to that the capitalist crisis of 2008 to the present means that capitalism’s imperial power the U.S. is deeper in debt then most.Running its military/industrial complex costs,one would have thought it would have learned from its old ally the U.K.

On the day when the warlords of the world hypocritically commemorate the dead of W.W.1 after which U.K./France laid the basis for the divisions in the Middle East, by drawing lines on a map  which continue today. France got Syria, the U.K. took Iraq/Palestine later Persia (later called Iran)this being done under the auspices of the “Anglo Persian Oil Company”. This company was a lot like the East Indian company set up to rip off India’s wealth,likewise with the( APOC) the U.K. wanted the oil, paid Shah in power to maintain resemblance of peace.

U.K. imperial power took a major hit at the end of W.W.2 with the U.K. coming out of it bankrupt and depending on loans from the U.S. to keep itself going. While the U.S. moved into its shoes in Persia maintaining the supply of oil to the Europe at low prices,with the cooperation of the U.K. making vast profits,while poverty and oppression reigned. The U.K. being a basket case had to divest itself of its jewel in the crown India and it did so through petition with all its implications,which are still felt to this day.

That is the special relationship the U.K. has with U.S. imperialism it (U.K) facilitated it taken over its exploitation of the oil and gas pipelines in the middle east. All it asked for was a slice of the action.In the past this was camouflaged under the banner of protecting the world from communism, now it is seen for what it is, companies run via the U.S. taking the natural resources of these countries.However now “Communism” is gone their are others seeking these oil and gas resources,China-Russia for instance. Look at the Mid East, the U.S. has not redesigned it as it thought it would after Iraq/Libya,it is more of a chess board than ever. Look at Russia in Syria stymieing the U.S.

The world today is more in keeping with pre W.W.1 a struggle for resources by differing axis of powers with  U.S. imperialism looking overstretched militarily. While at home economically its deficit continues to climb into the stratosphere, as the working class goes deeper into the poverty.   Europe is not much better austerity is a way of life.

The U.K. now set to get a new captain for its sinking ship which has being sinking for some time and has been helped along by its old captain and crew making a new hole to help it sink faster. The immigrants they complain about are the chickens coming home to roast from it’s empire.The U.S. have repeated ad nausea-um since Brexit, of the special relationship, me thinks they protests too much.

It is not an accident that both the Conservatives and Labour are in crisis after such a momentous decision they only reflect the crisis of capitalism which they both defend in different ways. The future of the U.K. is not looking great it was a second class power, it has now moved into the third class compartment,no matter what the U.S. say.

This is one of those moments when all things are changed utterly a vacuum exists and politics hates a vacuum,the question is, who will fill it.

For the U.K. working class their is a way of sinking H. M. Britannia and sending it to the bottom, build on the proud history of the Scottish/Welsh workers alongside all who seek a better world,if not the future looks bleak for the disunited kingdom. Now that would not be Tragedy or Farce, but a way out of austerity U.K. and a beacon of hope for all workers everywhere.




The World on Life Support

I am an optimist by nature but the world today offers very little to be optimistic about. We have been told that the worst capitalist crisis sine 1929 is now effectively over,that economies are now on the rise again. Of course this is spoken from the lofty towers of capital. On the ground of course it is sneered at by those who scramble for the crumbs in their new low paid zero hour contracts. Greece still bankrupt.Portugal not much better while little old plucky Ireland paid the bond holders for their bad gambling habits, and are patted on the back for being a good pupil. Its Government then simply cut, cut, and cut again until their are no safety nets any-more.It now has the worst housing crisis in the history of the state while its health service is in total meltdown,suicides are at epidemic levels. Hundreds of thousands have immigrated the old escape valve for the political establishment. Those who remain work for low pay and even worse conditions. Austerity is the mantra from Ireland to Portugal and Greece, the poor will pay for the capitalist crisis. Greece in the near future has a three billion payment to make to its lenders. Where does it come from. It is obvious the Greek government does not have it.However they tell us we are out of the woods, the U.S. even going as far as to raise interest rates,confidence is back in the markets we are told. This of course after the central banks of the U.S. and Europe printed trillions of dollars and Euors to keep capitalism on four wheels and keep social unrest at bay.

Alas it does not seem to be working since the beginning of the year the finance markets have lost trillions in market turbulence,which continues to the present and does not look like dissipating. On the contrary it may get worse. This week there were questions over the financial viability of some of the Germany banks not to mention the Italian banks. So this capitalist crisis is in many respects is far worse then 1929. It is being contained by the simple method of printing lots and lots of Paper or as they call it money. It was something they did in Germany not so long before the second world war. Hence the price of gold has quadrupled.


Throw into this mix the crisis in Europe,the rise of right wing governments,Poland,Hungary,while Britons conservatives call for an exit from the European Union.In most of Europe  their is the rise of various fascistic groups in response to inflow of war refugees,caused by the west in particular U.S. attempt to redesign the Mid East,in its haste to control the next century, through control of energy. The millions of refugees pouring into Europe may be the straw that brakes the camels back. In a Europe where the poor are ground down by the capitalist debt. Those who run the Euro club are in open warfare with one another for a bigger slice of the cake,while workers pay for it. The club is on very shaky ground at the moment. It is unlikely the European Union can continue as it has, either it becomes centralized or it will end up pulling itself apart. It is unlikely it can centralize their are too many conflicting forces in its mists to allow this to happen,not least nationalist sentiment led by capital.

The Mid East is probably the most volatile region in the world today. The attempt by the U.S. to redesign this region in its grab for control of the worlds energy resourses, and continue its dominance of the world. They took Saddam out because he was making a pack with the devil,China/Russia. He had agreed to join the new alternative bank being set up by China/Russia.It had nothing to do with weapons of mass destruction.    As the U.S said at the time any challenge of the dollar as the number one currency in the world would have to be done over their dead body. As it turned out this was not case it was Saddam’s, and many more besides. Lybia followed and is now in a civil war, with Isis said to be moving into  many parts of the country. Syria has gone now for five years with horrendous amount of dead and injured no to mention the floods of refugees,the worst since the second world war. This was the U.S. plan B fund and train the the Islamic extremists who had once fought for them in Afghanistan, to fight a proxy war for them in Syria.This is how Isis came into being with ex- Bathists joining it for there own ends. Into this mess the U.S. client states in the region are playing their part. In so doing another element entered religion Sunni verus Shia. Turkey also seen an opportunity under that buffoon Argdoan the Turkish President to get a piece of the action,smash the Kurds on his border and in the event of victory taking back part of Syria lost in the first word war carve up. He has allowed Isis fighters to travel through turkey with arms to Syria. He also allowed truck loads of arms to be taken to the border. The Isis injured are treated in Turkish hospitals. Journalists who exposed this are now sitting in jail charged with treason. While the Europeans hand over three billion euro to him to help the refugees he has helped create,who says crime doesn’t pay.

Russia enters the fray, since the Ukraine it is clear the worlds temperature has risen for the worse. Russia has it own agenda Putin is no angel the Ukraine he seen as a part of his sphere of influence. Then the U.S. sets about a coup led by fascists who base themselves on the Ukrainian fascists who fought alongside Hilter in W.W.11 Since then the I.M.F./U.S. and the European Union have poured billions into this corrupt Government,established by the  West as a means of stymieing Putins Russia. The problem for the west is it is not working, since Russia outbid the U.S./European Union,in entering the war in Syria on Assad’s side and is turning in Assad’s favour. While the U.S. proxies are in disarray including Turkey. This is a situation which cannot be allowed from the West point of view. All the above events have come about because there is in the making an alternative axis to the U.S. power in the world, namely China/Russia. As seen by their establishment of there alternative to the I.M.F. Whoever controls the worlds energy resources will control the next century and the U.S. in its decrepit state is seeking to continue its twenty century role into the 21st. Great powers don’t fight wars to protect Democracy/Small Nations/ no they go to war to protect markets or gain new ones and maintain the wealth of the few. This is what is at play in the world today.

This week NATO sent a flotilla of ships to the Aegean sea ostensible to protect those refugees crossing from Greece to Turkey,why now why not before. Is it not more to do with Russia getting the upper hand in Syria. Which begs the question what next.The Russian navy now face a NATO flotilla in the A. The implications don’t bare thinking about.


All of the above will be nothing if capitalism in its death agony continues to take the world to the abyss of W.W.3.  However they should not forget wars tend to be the cradles of revolution.


1916 Irish Rebellion- 100 Year Commemoration.

The good and the great will gather at Easter in Dublin, to commemorate those who gave their live’s to free this little island from the the imperial oppression of Britain. The attempt to escape the butchers knife was a failure. All the signatures to the proclamation establishing an Irish Republic were executed under martial law,with a few more besides.

These men and women who knew their faith would be the death, if the attempt at rebellion failed, deserve our respect. As to the political parties of the establishment they would rather not commemorate a rebellion where the ordinary citizens resorted to taking up arms to free themselves from oppression.  After all if then,why not now indeed is their not more need now. The failure of the Irish Republic is all around to see, worst housing crisis in the history of the state. Unemployment is in single figures only because 300.000/500.000 have emigrated the old escape valve for those Irish who took the places of our imperial overlords. Zero hour contracts are now the norm. Women still treated like second class citizens in particular in pregnancy. This has always been, since the foundation of the Irish state,indeed giving the church power over women in particular the “fallen”. Their children exported to rich Americans. While travellers are still turned out on the roadside.

Is this what these brave men and women died for.

While most of these men and women seen the break with England as the start of a free Ireland, a green flag flying over Dublin Castle. With some exceptions who had sympathy with the poor. For instance Roger Casement who had exposed the imperial rampage of the Belgians in the Congo. He was captured attempting to land guns from Germany,for the rebellion. Then because he betrayed his position as an a British civil servant in the Congo,then Ireland, the British ruling class took pleasure in hanging him. All the other leaders of the rebellion were executed my military firing squad,Connolly being strapped to a chair because of his gangrene leg.

Yet it was Connolly who had a vision of a new Ireland. His wanted a socialist Ireland or as he called for a Workers Republic, as he said a long time before the rising this was his political viewpoint and what he fought for. By the time 1916 came,he had seen the only international workers organization, side with there own capitalist class and send millions of workers to die for king and country.

If you remove the English Army tomorrow and hoist the green flag over Dublin Castle., unless you set about the organization of the Socialist Republic your efforts will be in vain. England will still rule you. She would rule you through her capitalists, through her landlords, through her financiers, through the whole array of commercial and individualist institutions she has planted in this country and watered with the tears of our mothers and the blood of our martyrs”. –

James Connolly, — from Socialism and Nationalism in Shan Van Vocht, January 1897

He was ahead of his time on an island fettered by poverty and under imperial rule where revolution only meant one thing self determination for Ireland. He attempted to connect the two self determination alongside workers rule. In death all those who follow in the footsteps of the nationalist leaders of the rebellion also lay claim to Connolly. Even the various governing parties will speak his name in reverence come Easter. Of course it is but a show, they will attempt to get these commemorations out of the way as quickly as possible,rather then give the plebs any ideas in these austerity years.

So what did these brave men and women die for,was it for this bankrupt state, ruled by a parasitic capitalist class bought and paid for by the European Union. Maybe from this will emerge a discussion among those who make the wealth,working people, and a reconnection with the ideas of Connolly . I have always believed had he lived he would have ended up with Lenin/Trotsky in the Revolutionary Third International differences no doudth,but his fundamental ideas where closer to Lenin then the leaders of the second international. To study Connolly takes you to Lenin. For me this was my route to understanding how the world worked and the need for revolution to change it.

This I suggest is the lesson of 1916 for Irish working people, today only the ideas of Connolly and Lenin, on our banners, not another” glorious sacrifice” we Irish have had too many of these through the centuries.  To finish with the last part of Yeats poem written for those who died in 1916.

We know their dream; enough
To know they dreamed and are dead;
And what if excess of love
Bewildered them till they died?
I write it out in a verse–
MacDonagh and MacBride
And Connolly and Pearse
Now and in time to be,
Wherever green is worn,
Are changed, changed utterly:
A terrible beauty is born

Next time let it be a poem of victory.




Greece .Time for a Workers Revolution.

They beat them into the ground with their Capitalist austerity. Pay us our money they chant in unison, while people starve or just simply commit suicide. This the European Union a community of “equals”, in your dreams. Their cry look at those good compliment Irish they did what they were told why cant you. Then of course they lash into the racist denigration of the feckless lazy southern Europeans versus the good northern European worker. Such bullshit pours from the capitalist press every day.

These “lazy Greeks” have made massive sacrifices in the last few years to pay these criminals who bankrupted a proud people.Pensions cut unemployment through the floor fascism on the rise these are the policies offered by the IMF/Troika or as they say the” Adults in the room”.Any new Troika deal will simply continue to pay off debts, with continued austerity for workers. Lets be clear this is not workers debt it is bankers debt.Welcome to the 21st century capitalism mortgage your children s future to a German/French banker.

The present situation I suggest is an attempt by the IMF/Troika to create the conditions for a coup against Syriza who simply asked for a week (after months of discussions) to allow them to ask the people if he they would accept this new austerity deal.The IMF/Troika showed exactly what they thought of Democracy,there answer was an emphatic no. For the European Union last Saturdays shenanigan’s is probably the death of the European Union as we know it. Whatever happens with Greece their is no going back. The Irish Government who has played the rottweiler in its comments on Greece will soon learn this.

Syriza’s Referendum offers no solution asking people do they want more pain or stick with the pain they have. In effect it really means in or out of Europe. At present the country is splitting into two camps those who want the bankers in control and those who want a more democratic Europe. Syriza who are mainly social democratic with a pretty confused left wing, are for a no vote on Sunday.The Greek Communist party are to the left of Syriza and have deep roots in the working class are also for a no vote. What they do could be decisive. Alongside them are the nationalists and Golden Dawn(fascists party) these would hope to grow and make a bid for power in the chaos which would follow a no vote. Such as the creation of a new currency possible hyper inflation in post referendum deeply divided Greece.

If as they will Syriza leads its people to simply to say no on Sunday, they lead them to the slaughter. What is needed is a no vote, but also an alternative, expropriate the banks. Take the factories establish workers councils in every region to create jobs. Call on the Italian and Spanish, Irish, workers to follow their example. For a new European united state based on socialist principles.  Lastly in this very volatile situation a workers militia is a necessity, remember Chile.

Politics hates a vacuum,this exists now in Greece,either the working class fill’s it or the IMF/Troika or its agents will with all its bloody implications. Remember Chile.   

Syriza Comes to Power

The desperation of the Greek working class suffering under the relentless attacks of capitalism has forced many to suicide,while leaving many in desperate poverty. Unemployment is at levels of the German Wiemar Republic levels. Syriza are an amalgam of Euro communists and combination of various leftists groupings all with their own political programs,in essence an uneasy political alliance.The working class have switched support to Syriza after Pasok betrayed them. While not disputing Syriza’s wish to ease the burden imposed on the Greek population it cannot be done by temporizing with the IMF.European Union,to do so will end in defeat for the working class for decades to come.

In Power

The first sign in power of this bending the knee is their coalition with a right wing party which is deeply racist patriotic and deeply anti immigrant. They then put them in charge of defense i.e. the police and the army,the armed fist of the state. That sends out the right message to capitalism, nothing to worry about here. What are Sryiza offering, well it is not the overthrow of capital in Greece.In their Thessaloniki program which was originally to last 100 days now becomes a four year program. This makes the minimum wage 750 per month if your covered by a collective agreement.If you are in part time work too bad.It also wants to freeze state layoffs including halting state privatization. For those who have lost most of their pensions they get the measly sum of 1.20 euro top up,not quite revolutionary.

Tsipras Dangerous Man ?

In 2012 the German magazine Der Spiegel  named Tsipras among the most dangerous men in Europe. A lot has changed since then now Syrzia officials say it supports the euro and wants to renegotiate the bailout,all be it through a international debt conference,in other words begging for crumbs from their exploiters. This should not be a surprise Tsipras has held talks with European Central Bank chief Mario Draghi in Frankfurt and Austrian President Heinz Fischer about 2012,by then Tsipras rhetoric had died down.

“This is not the Alexis Tsipras of 2010,” said Blanka Kolenikova, European analyst for IHS Global Insight. “Since the last election Syriza’s rhetoric has calmed down. Tsipras is preparing for the fact that he might be leading a government so he needs to prove that he is approachable and flexible.” Their is no talk of nationalizing the banks just controls on the debt

“default” is gone, replaced with “renegotiation”. Syriza wants Europe to write off a big chunk of Greece’s 318 billion euros of debt – worth 175 percent of GDP – on a recognition that Greece’s problem is Europe’s problem too.

Tsipras represents an attempt at a middle way for capitalism and for all their bluster the IMF/E.U. know they can do business with Syriza. They, at least in the leadership of Syriza are the epitome of left social democracy. Capitalism will use them when of no use anymore they will turn to a military dictatorship or fascism. What is clear is Syriza is not a party seeking to overthrow  the capitalist state,it is for the Euro and Nato its military arm. The crisis is so deep only the revolutionary workers government can solve it in the interests of working class.

A Way Forward.

A revolutionary party would call for the mobilization of the trade unions,establishment of workers councils, leading to formation of a workers government,  the cancellation of the debt, alongside the formation of a workers militia.. A sliding scale of wages and hours, a massive works program,  nationalization of the banks. This would point a way out of this capitalist crisis for not only those countries in debt but a way forward for working people across the globe.This kind of program would also put the KKK (Communist party Greece) on the spot and break there base away from their absenteeism and sectarianism of its leadership.

A workers militia would quickly deal with the fascists Golden Dawn, capitalism’s fifth column.

Without such a program history has many hard lessons for us Spain in the thirties, Chile in the seventies not to learn from these is criminal, it is workers who will pay the price For the formation of workers councils and revolutionary workers government to expropriate the capitalist class.

Violence the State and Austerity

” The protesters are responsible for the ‘creeping anarchy’ threatening the peace by engaging in ‘rampant law-breaking and thuggery” (Stephen O’Byrnes, Irish Times).

Irish society in the most recent period has been convulsed by massive demonstrations against a new water tax to be paid every year. This is just one of many new taxes introduced since the banks crashed. Alas this  looks like the one which breaks the camels back. While most people know that even in Ireland water does not appear in our taps without treatment, it needs money.   However for years Irish people paid for this in their taxes so the question is were did the money go. ?

This tax we are told is to modernize the pipe network and conserve water but given the Irish state is in massive debt and will be for generations to come, having paid the bankers debt, one would be forgiven in seeing the Government as a second hand car dealer selling a badly used car as new. This is certainly how the Irish working class have viewed it, more taxes to pay the Bankers debt. In two massive demonstrations they have turned out in hundreds of thousands effectively shutting down the main thoroughfares of Dublin city, descending on the city from all corners of Ireland.The problem for this Government is its constant imposition of taxes on the working poor, has been oppressive and intimidating, with constant cutbacks on necessary services always targeting the most oppressed. Here is some austerity violence by the Bankers Government.

 short list:

-There are now 1,230,000 people suffering from deprivation, or 27% of the population—up from 12% in 2007.
-Between 2009 and 2014, health spending was cut by a mind-boggling 27%. On top of that, we know that privatized, for-profit health care systems result in more people who die, worse care, and more money wasted, but the government is doing nothing apart from cutting even more.
-Communities have been faced with a string of cuts over 2008-2014, including:
-Violence against women programme: -38.2%
-Women’s organisations: -48.7%
-Projects for youth: -44.1%
-Community development: -43.6%
-Voluntary social housing: -50.0%
-Drugs programmes: -37.0%
-Family Support Agency: -32.5%

-The number of people sleeping rough in Dublin is at its highest since records began, having tripled in five years. There are 700 homeless children living in emergency accommodation; the number of homeless families in this situation has more than doubled in the past year. (Julien Mercille on Broadsheet)


Fighting Back the Irish working class are now seeing how its “ Democratic Politicians” actually view them. These shysters are hysterically running around shouting red conspiracy with the help of their friends in the media. A national newspaper on the front page of its review put one of the leaders of these demonstrations with an old soviet background. One such politician warned of the” ISIS” threat at home and how it must be nipped in the bud. Ignore this warning at your peril.    The People have taken to the streets where ever politicians have deemed to show their faces to protest their presence, sometimes banging on their car, in one instance blocking a politician from departing. a water bag was thrown making contact with the intending target. Eggs and water balloons banging on a politicians car makes you a lawbreaker an anarchist. The politician in question said she felt frightened, little does she know how frightened and angry, people are out there.

A seething anger lurks beneath the surface awaiting a vent to explode. While it is imperative for these political shysters to impoverish the working class to pay the Bankers debt, at the behest of the TroikaBanks, it is deemed extremist to bang on a car of a well heeled politician working for the same banks in reality. Now working people are saying all bets, are off, enough. The Bankers Government have unleashed their dogs in the media to intimidate and victimize anyone leading this opposition. They will use any and all arms of the state to break this opposition. The Politicians, are threatening and using the taxman alongside other arms of the state against those who refuse to pay.  Your bank account,dole check, mothers allowance, nothing is safe from the Bankers Government. Whilst using the old reliable’s the police, prisons ect. For all those who believed class struggle disappeared in the twenty first century think again, you need only look at the state of Ireland today.

Capitalism today looks more like its Victorian cousin of yesteryear,in its decay. The Rich get Richer and the poor die poor.

While their is much talk of  intimidation and violence of the mob, the State’s intimidation/violence, is the unemployed,the homeless, zero hour contracts,the list goes on. The privatization of healthcare,someone forced to die because they cannot pay, capitalism at its best. If your unemployed you are just a statistic as Marx put it ” It does not consider him, during the time when he is not working, as a human being. It leaves this to criminal law, doctors, religion, statistical tables, politics, and the beadle.” Wages of Labour (1844

There power consists not merely of armed men but also of its courts, media, prisons, and institutions of coercion of all kinds, of which the well heeled know little,while workingmen and women face it on picket lines on a regular basis, and in a myriad of different ways.The state is nothing but a machine for the suppression of one class by another.   With this class rule comes the fowl smelling racism whereby the colour of your skin if not porcelain white puts you at a disadvantage,such racism is often a daily occurrence,very often carried out by the states armed bodies of men,the police.  Now that Irish working people after six years of the cruelest austerity, are putting their head above this capitalist pit of poverty,they are now threatened with these very armed bodies of the state in defense of the class which rules over us. They will not be afraid to use them as these protests heat up and use them they will if the recent events are anything to go by.

This is the true face of”Democratic Government”when faced with a risen populace or as they would call it the “mob”well the mob did not too badly when they rid Russia of the czar. We may rid ourselves of some of these Bankers taxes but without our own party dedicated  to sweeping into the rubbish bin this festering rotten  dung heap, and building a society for the many against the few,the same old crap will reappear.

All out December the 10th………..

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