the rule of many over rule of the few.

Scotland looks on a knife edge on making its decision of breaking the union with the rest of the United Kingdom. As an Irishman with no love lost for the class which rules the U.K. I would say to Scottish working people to take a a hard glance at the Irish Republic before casting your ballot.

Since the foundation of the Irish Republic its main claim to independence is its own Postage stamp and the Irish flag. What came along with these priceless ornaments, the emigrant ship/jet, where we send our best  for jobs in some other place but Ireland. Women who have been treated as abysmally in the past and still today just ask those who seek an abortion. Lets not mention the children.

The S.N.P. a bunch of tartan Tories,who have used the disillusionment of Scottish people with austerity U.K. to mobilize for independence.This to me coming from the birth place of James Connolly,Mc Clean and other greats of the working class,a working class which has often been the vanguard of the British working class.

In 1916 the Irish made a revolution to establish an independent state. The problem for Ireland even by 1916, it was too late for Ireland to be economically independent. If this was the case for Ireland then,it is even more so for Scotland today.  As Connolly said of Ireland in 1916 it is even more pertinent for Scotland today.

“If you remove the English army tomorrow and hoist the green flag over Dublin Castle, unless you set about the organization of the Socialist Republic your efforts would be in vain. England would still rule you. She would rule you through her capitalists, through her landlords, through her financiers, through the whole array of commercial and individualist institutions she has planted in this country and watered with the tears of our mothers and the blood of our martyrs.”

  • Shan Van Vocht (socialist newspaper) January, 1897. Reprinted in P. Beresford Ellis (ed.), “James Connolly – Selected Writings”, p. 124.

Imperialism has carved up the world and to think an independent Scotland a nation will not be swallowed up with many call centres and muti nationals seeking a tax break . More like a mirror image of Ireland a tax free exile for multi nationals,while its best educated are scattered to the four winds. Some would suggest it will create an opportunity for workers to turn the political system upside down but under the tartan Tories their is little chance of that.

Nationalism may have pulled the Scottish working class behind it out of disillusionment with its traditional working class political instincts, however nationalism is a cross class alliance and the Scottish working class would always be the horse not the rider. Nationalism is always used by the ruling elite to divide and rule and to think this will not happen because of past links with rest of the working class in the U.K. is a crime to our past struggles. When class confronts class it will become a convenient tool.

The union should be smashed through a workers revolution throughout the whole island,based on the bonds built through countless struggles against the likes of the tartan Tories.Under a workers leadership a new union could be created a socialist federation of Scotland,England,Wales, and hopefully Ireland.

While the S.N.P. will, in power defend their most important base capitalism. Whatever happens yes or no I believe the Scottish people have a right to determine their own future even though it is not what I agree with.. One thing is for certain nothing will remain as before after this vote. Even our very own orange men are worried and are calling for a no vote as this vote poses questions of identity given their close links with Scotland.

For me a united working class of the whole of the U.K. is better,then a retrograde step into nationalist isolation,with all that this implies for the unity of the working class and its ability to smash capitalism on the island of Briton.


Zionism Deadly Embrace

Zionism’s Deadly Embrace

Gaza today death rains from the sky’s killing and maiming everything in its path.The dogs of war are unleashed once again for the nightmare of Zion. Suffer the little Palestinian children in the name of a Jewish homeland. Protected by Anglo/American imperialism, Zionism as camp guard in the middle east,a role it plays to perfection. This is not one of those conflicts where the Americans come charging in on their white stead to save the day aka Iraq,Libya,Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine,(sic) their  will be no drones over Israel.

They may not agree with its policeman on the job but where would they be without them,as the saying goes hang together or hang separately. This is no consolation to thousands of Palestinians who have been excluded from their homeland since 1948 with no right of return, suffering one defeat upon another.Gaza for the last seven years has been blockaded by Zionism with little getting in or out. Zionism seeks to destroy a beaten, broken people, imprisoned inside a ghetto created by a state which knows all about the fear of imprisonment inside such ghettos.


During the Warsaw ghetto the various Jewish resistance groups built tunnel’s to store what weapons they could obtain to fight/escape the inevitable destruction of their own people.Why should Palestinians not do likewise. Is there a difference in what the Zionists are doing in Gaza compared to the Nazis in Warsaw? Their is a thin line between nationalism and fascism, particularly in the period of capitalism’s decay and this has been the period of Zionism birth. Most nationalism came into being with the rise of the the capitalist state it came into being with its decline. Hence its master Anglo/American imperialism.

In Gaza today if your “lucky” the Zionist ‘s drop leaflets, even more surreal ring the house which will be bombed telling the occupant to leave as they are about to bomb it. That is some customer service,it would be funny if it wasn’t so deadly.  More importantly where are these people to go,Egypt’s border is barred to them Israel bars all other exits.with only the sea to their back. One does not have to be clairvoyant to think the Zionists are moving to a different agenda the emasculation of Gaza as a viable Palestinian entity. With the driving out of large sections of the Palestinians and the destruction of Gaza’s infrastructure Gaza can be corralled by Israel,destroying any viable establishment of a Palestinian state.


Israel supported in its foundation by the British, partly as a means of controlling the rising tide of Arab Nationalism after the first world war.Since its inception Israel has fought a continuous war of annihilation against it’s Palestinian neighbors for a homeland.Built on the fear of the Holocaust Jewish emigration to Israel had its highest point after second world war by those who feared and  determined this would never happen again. Before the war most Jewish people did not buy into the Zionists call for a Jewish state.

However since its foundation in all of its wars of preservation,even more so now with its destruction of Gaza it does nothing but furnish weapons to the anti-Semites the world over.

Zionism is the grim reaper for the Palestinian masses, but paradoxically also for the Jewish masses. Zionism has built a prison for its own people as sure as there walls surround the Palestinian masses,they also imprison themselves.

“In reality, Zionist ideology, like all ideologies, is only the distorted reflection of the interests of a class. It is the ideology of the Jewish petty bourgeoisie, suffocating between feudalism in ruins and capitalism in decay. The refutation of the ideological fantasies of Zionism does not naturally refute the real needs which brought them into being. It is modern anti-Semitism, and not mythical “eternal” anti-semitism, which is the best agitator in favor of Zionism. Similarly, the basic question to determine is: To what extent is Zionism capable of resolving not the “eternal” Jewish problem but the Jewish question in the period of capitalist decay?”(Abram Leon.the Jewish Question)

It cannot it is not possible in the period of the continuous crisis of capitalism, in the period of almost incessant wars.Likewise the Palestinians right to determine their own future  will be at the behest of Anglo/American imperialism,if that is what they want I will fight for their right to do so.However like Israel it will be a failed state from its existence in the twilight of capitalist decay.Seeking its right to exist from Anglo/American Imperialism.


A Future

The Sadistic butchers of Gaza’s women and children will pay the price for their slaughter by the workers of Palestine and those advanced Jewish workers who break their chains. We don’t forget that Jewish people have given many fighters for the cause of socialism  and will do again,one should not assume that the Jewish working class are one with there Zionist government. Opposition inside the belly of the beast though it be small does exist. This is I know is of little comfort to the Palestinians at this moment.

They are like David who fought the philistine Goliath with only a sling and five smooth stones only now for a Goliath stands Zionism’s murderous battalions of savagery.

Instead of a sling and stones in this epoch only socialism poses the  answer to this deadly embrace. Capitalism in its death throes offers annihilation for one or the other. Uniting the Jewish working class alongside the Palestinian masses may seem ludicrous at this point,not to attempt do so is lay dormant the only class which can open the way to a solution,and can bring an end to the Zionists death trap in the middle east,with all the implications that has for the world.

Riddle me This.

The patient is now out of surgery and is now in the recovery ward . The prognosis according to the “specialists” is excellent even though it means we will have to pay for the pain management for decades to come. This we are told is how it is with capitalism,it’s been sick before and  it will be again. If not  smashed by those it has turned into indentured slaves at a whim your children s children will still be paying for it. Since 2008/9 whole countries have had their social fabric destroyed by Capitalism. Greece/Portugal/Cyprus/Ireland and many other countries are still reeling from measures taken to preserve the rich in the style they are accustomed. Jobs lost, wages cut, social services destroyed, all in aid of preserving the power of Capital. Mind you their was an increase in work for one tradesman the coffin maker.

Five Years later this recovery has sprouted racist and fascistic parties across Europe  getting themselves elected to the citadel of European capitalism in Brussels.  This is not surprising given the depth of this crisis and the massive unemployment and poverty created  across Europe. The social democratic parties came into their own in this period as they always do when capitalism goes into crisis. The Irish Labour party learned well from its German affiliates who were taught by the best.   They become the foot soldiers for Capitalism demanding working people take the medicine as they climb the greasy ladder to the footstool of the boss. This is not to say their has been no resistance their has, but it has too often been weak sporadic and led mainly by small left wing parties alongside various independents,all following their own paths. Politically they stretch from disillusioned labour party people to ostensible trotskyist and everyone else in between. The trade union bureaucrats have as one expects left the workers to their faith.

 In the past week elections took place all across Europe returning a  political mix to Brussels,will it make any difference,  tinkering with this system will do nothing but preserve it. None of the left parties say what is needed,  the destruction of capitalism, except when they speak quietly among themselves. Is it any wonder the the racist and fascist parties are growing in Europe,they are clear what they want while the left bend like a blade of grass in the wind. In Ireland the voters in local elections have elected more members of Fianna Fail, the party which brought the country to its knees,why because their is no working class party as an alternative. This  despite all the various independents,Trotskyists including Sinn Fein standing in the elections.  Sinn Fein has made a break through but it in no way represents the working people of this island, it is Fianna Fail mark two with Gerry Adams as Mr Develera.

 This Capitalist crisis has not stoped at the borders of Europe it has been felt by the working class worldwide, including in the belly of the beast the U.S.A. Among the capitalist class divisions have opened for dominance of the market particularly in energy. Ukraine is an example of this both the E.U. and the U.S. wanted an agreement signed during the Medan demonstrations opening up their markets including oil and gas exploration off the coast of all places Crimea and for this they were prepared to get into bed with Fascists,indeed ending up putting a number of  them in power. The world today has more of semblance to pre world war one with the various powers lining up to protect their interests. The U.S. and its cohorts smash anyone who goes against them Lybia/Syria/Iran/  death is rained down upon them all in the name of “DEMOCRACY”. Now they are out to teach those pesky Russians a lesson. The question is have they bitten off more then they can chew, is not the American Century over, or is it? The only way this will be determined is through the U.S. taking out Russia,China,Iran the new axis of evil in U.S. eyes.

So Riddle me this if the world is on the road to recovery how come the world feels more unstable then anytime since the first world war. The U.S. brings fascists to power in the Ukraine in it’s proxy war with Russia. While as a sideline destroying Syria in its war on terror. I await the movie or is this the movie. These hypocrites will commemorate the dead of W.W. 1  this year. If only these war dead could rise up and strike the purveyors of death to their deaths.  We need the drum of workers revolution to beat our call, to end this carnival of reaction once and for all.

Sanctimonious bullshit

This sanctimonious bullshit about the royal family coming from the Irish on their first state visit to Britain.  How wonderful they are, is enough to send me to a shrink. She spoke a word or two of Irish how wonderful,she invited a few Irish to tea at the palace,Christ the Irish always came cheap. What is worse the parasites who rule this little country have invited her to the 100th commemorations for the dead of 1916. May they raise from their slumber to greet her and send her to her slumber. This being the same Royalty which helped maintain many a Royal family throughout Europe by interbreeding. This same Royal Family sat on there throne while millions were sacrificed to maintain their wealth and hereditary power in W.W.1.Pity they did’ent go the way of their cousins in Russia.

Irish Join Royal Club Again.

Cromwell had it right when it came to the English crown. The fawning over every word she utters is enough to drive  any decent republican to deaths door. Not so the Irish capitalist class.The present Irish prime minster has proposed a joint trip to drum up business with the English prime minster.  This fits into the overall need for more interconnection between the capitalists of these islands. Under the present political party now in control in Ireland Fine Gael, their is strong support for rejoining the commonwealth,the British alternative to the E.U., all be it a hangover from colonial times.Ireland would be a good addition to this organisation, from a British perspective with all its differences, it would give Britain more leverage in the E.U. Before long the Irish army could be helping out in places like Iraq for example.  So we can expect a lot more talk about getting closer to our cousins in Britain, or should it be on the “mainland” in the future.

My stomach turned watching the the usual crew complementing each other, whilst telling us much work is done, but more work needed to be done, in this “reconciliation” process.The Irish representative President Michael D Higgins (Labour Party) a man who likes the arts and writes poetry, fine with words as long as they don’t conflict with those in power. Not a mention of those suffering under the massive austerity measures brought in to preserve her Majesty and her hangers on, in the style the are acquainted. Like all his political accomplices of all persuasions he took the queens shilling.

Sinn Fein

However the prize for sheer hypocrisy must go to Sinn Fein in the person of Martin Mc Guinness he not only carries out Britain’s austerity in the north of Ireland,they now have him toasting the Queen. Sinn Fein offers nothing for the working man/woman of this Island. Sinn Fein is nationalist not a working class organization. It holds in its ranks Capitalists/petty capitalists and workers,no need to say who is the horse and who is the rider. Our history shows us look at Sinn Fein of the past.

Working Class Different Perspectives. 

Working people of these islands have never needed to be told whose side they are on. We fight the same fight. In 1913, British working class stood by us in our greatest battle against capital in this country, and many times since. The Irish working class likewise have always stood with the British working class,the great miners strike of 1984/85 being just one example.Yes the British sent their army, the army of the capitalist state, who murdered and maimed, while at the same time in Britain the Labour party, who sent them broke strikes.

I lived in Britain, fought in many a strike alongside my British fellow workers, colour nor race did’ent come into it, we had one enemy.Many opposed the British army in Ireland.`Sadly we lacked the political means a revolutionary workers party to go further then fighting the immediate enemy the boss, to smashing his organization the capitalist state.

So I resent these jumped up Irish politicians (Sinn Fein included) telling me to kiss the Queen’s arse, royal though it may be. We the working classes of these islands have nothing to apologize for, but a lot to be avenged.When the workers of these isles work together this crap which floats on the surface can be scooped off and a better society put in place.

While we are at it we shall put that useless institution” Royalty” on the funeral pyre of History.

In Verdun 1916 during the ” Great War” German gunners fired two million artillery shells in the first eight hours of their offensive against the French. When they moved forward they were astounded to still find French soldiers alive and fighting. Today 100 years later if you visit bar some shuddery, it is like a moon landscape. This was the “war to end all wars”.


Sixty million soldiers from five continents took part in this edifice to Wealth,Power and Arrogance. One in six men died,while millions returned with missing limbs,not to mention those whose injuries could not be seen.On this island of Ireland over 200,000 volunteered,49000 were killed. In one day on the Somme the 36th Ulster division lost 5000 men. Many villages lost most of their young men, which left an indelible mark for generations to come.This at a time when when Briton was  turning Dublin into a pile of rubbish for having the temerity to demand the right to rule themselves.

Western Europeans had a higher death toll in W.W.1 then in any other war in their history,which is why it is called the ” great war.” Twice as many Britons,three times as many Belgium’s, and four times as many Frenchmen died on the Maas and the Somme than in all of W.W.11.

An entire generation of the West’s future leadership was shaped by the battlefields of the first World War.Churchill,De Gaulle,Hitler,Truman, who in turn passed on their politics and “skillful” leadership to the next generation of their class and so on it goes.(Hitler being the most extreme example)

It was said by soldiers in the war that they were” lions led by donkeys.”

Imperial Commemoration. 

France-Belgium-Briton Canada, alongside New Zealand, Australia, whose identities indeed where formed by the conflict, are planning international events to mark the slaughter which took place. Polish and the Baltic countries alongside Czechs-Slovaks will also commemorate it, as most emerged as sovereign nations,from the battlefields of slaughter.Will these commemorations bind past wounds or pierce them. Europe today is not an example of unity. A recent poll showed 88% of Spanish,82% of Italian and 56% of French respondents thought Germany has too much power and influence in the European Union.  Some likened it to Kaiser Wilhelm 11 blustering.

When Germany showed some interest in taken part in the commemorations in the interest of reconciliation. The British press claimed the Germans were trying to prevent the British celebrating their victory in W.W.1. Many would think that the world is a different place today, the enlightened are more, then the British gutter press but in reality people are as easily manipulated today as in the past.. However one only has to listen to the recent comments of various Labour/ Tory M.P.s on anything from immigration to benefit “cheats” to become grounded again. Societies memory is always that of the victor. Nothing changes or it changes Grotesquely. However it does not take an army to march into a country to set off a detonator For instance the European finance minsters have not marched into Ireland, Greece, Portugal. Never the less their impact on the social fabric of these countries are in tatters.  It will take time before its effects are fully realized.

During this jamboree of Patriotism and Nationalism, will the dead and maimed of Iraq be remembered in west’s most recent “just” war.

Why W.W. 1 

No economic or social crisis existed to begin such an all out war. The colonial division of the world was more or less agreed by the great powers.The great powers struggle at the time was more on the finance and technology front,they neither wanted nor sought war at that time. Sarajevo and the consequences which followed, as thought ever since in schools was a spark, which all good citizens had to stand against. The  German or in racists terms the “Hun”had to be thought a lesson.  Hence  the war of Western Democracies against Autocratic empires.Kind of ironic that Briton and France fought alongside the the autocratic Czar.  America only entered the war near its end.   But it would be true to say that the U.S. kept Briton in the war from the beginning with supplies of food and raw materials. The  “special relationship” had begun on U.S. terms.  The new technology of the early twentieth century  lent a hand in this total war with the development of weapons from flame throwers-tanks fighter planes and even poison gas,the beginnings of the military complex was born.

Workers Leadership.????

The workers leadership whom at that time was gathered in the second International and had a position that if war should break out they would organize the strength of the working class to prevent it.This layer of workers leaders had seen the reducing of illiteracy through education, development of hugh industrial plants, the development of technology,the rise of the tradesman and decline of the artisan.Their was more scope for wage rises with colonial exploitation. This in turn allowed the ruling class to establish workers loyalty to king and country through  new ideological means nationalism and racism.

Within the workers movement these developments were noted and debated. One side thought that this new capitalism showed their could be a painless road to socialism. In other word’s it could be achieved through parliament.  On the other side were those who thought that the rise of Imperialism would lead to greater exploitation and wars, through a greater friction between the global powers. Parliament would be used as a tool to blind and mobilize workers under the flag of patriotism and nationalism against workers of other lands.

When the conflagration came, all workers parties of the second international gave allegiance to patriotism and nationalism,with the exception of Lenin’s faction of the Russian Social Democratic Party. The majority of workers leaders who had supported the war stood firm in their pact with the ruling class, even when the dead became too much to bury,  hunger grew, desertions increased and more cannon fodder was needed,even then these labour leaders maintained order.They took the queens shilling or Kaiser’s mark, rejecting even strike action never mind revolution as the only way out of the inferno.

Patriotism unleashed ran riot, in Germany it was said “War was great and wonderful” Or as Thomas Mann the poet posited “purification of the chosen people”.Germany had the largest workers party in the second International. When it voted for war credits it effectively split the international workers movement with the majority supporting their own ruling class. It paid a heavy price for that capitulation,the loss of it’s best leaders some through assassination and the eventual rise of Hitler in no small part helped to power by the conditions imposed on Germany by the victors.

While in England they had more recruits then the army could equip in the first weeks of the war. It also opened the gates of racism with German workmen in London being attacked. The “War to end all Wars”more then any other determined the faith of the twentieth century. It laid the basis for Hitler, followed by the cold war. While its explosive legacy is seen today in the middle east carved up after W.W.1 to suit in particular Briton and France. Lines on a map to suit their colonial aims. Unfinished business from the “Great War” bequeathed to twentieth first century.Possible the explosive pin for the next conflagration

Russian Revolution.

Yet out of the slaughter came the defeat of the one of the biggest autocrats Czarist Russia, with it Lenin grasped the historical moment, through the soviets, to establish a workers state.Communism was born with mass communist parties created through out the world and the founding of a new revolutionary International workers organization.

Was it  wrong did it have its own seeds of destruction within it,many would say yes. Millions on millions would have said no at the time. They  saw it as a new way forward for humanity. Stalin’ism was still to come but even with Stalin’ism it lasted for decades and gave hope to millions around the globe. Mistakenly as was shown from betrayals by the Stalin leadership of potential revolutionary upheavals in the 1920’s  Germany,Briton,China,most workers did not consider turning away, for them Russia was the future a workers state. 

As to what came later in many countries in the name of the Russian Revolution of 1917 one could exhaust yourself in the different interpretations of same.Trotsky was driven out the one who offered an alternative program to Stalin’ism. The Russian Revolution was arguably the greatest event of the twentieth century which drove civilization forward under the only class which could the working class. It was only later it was betrayed by personal and bureaucratic power. For those reasons one has to put it into its historical context, and view it from that perspective. Only then is it possible to understand it’s successes and failures. When this is done the bigger picture can be seen.

Year after year poppies are sold in their millions,to commemorate the dead and mangled of the “Great War” it is nothing more than a symbol of patriotism,of nationalism,  victory over the Germans. This is what the ruling class are commemorating.  The same patriotism and nationalism propagated by the ruling class  in 1914 is rolled out today as a means of keeping immigrants out.

 Europe Today.

Look at Greece a country brought to its knees by the Financial strictures of the European Union.27% unemployment effectively bankrupt. It is more akin to Germany post W.W.1 this did not take an army to march in. The stock exchanges can destroy million of lives in an instant. Greece is not alone just the most graphic example of countries under the cosh of major players on the stage today.It does not take a blind man to see with some concern, what happened in 1914 is not that different to what is happening in Europe today.

It is not a 100th anniversary of the “Great War” which is required in Europe today it is working people prepared for the next. For all the talk of being over the worst of the Euro crisis it is clear this is true for the class that rules, the market works for them. For the majority we scrape along, wages and conditions in Europe have returned to conditions not seen for decades. In Ireland the poster boy of the European Union  we are told it is in economic growth again,so why are the youth mainly graduates still leaving by the planeload.

So yes commemorate the dead but not under not the aegis of the decedents of imperial rule.

What for me should be commemorated through the death of millions, led by donkeys,was the birth of communism. That for me is what capitalism fears most.

Better  Lenin ‘s way who gave the working man and woman the power through political organization, to change his own destiny and still does.

It is not black and white nothing ever is, with many challenges, but it offers better then what we have.

Mandela Adoration

I had respect for Mandela as a brave man, prepared to die for his beliefs. He suffered twenty seven years in prisons for those beliefs.I don’t know if I could remain true to my beliefs,I hope so but who knows. i. He was not alone many died in the struggle against apartheid both black and white. Steve Biko another black leader arrested tortured for twenty two hours stripped naked found dead handcuffed and naked to a cell window.

Mandela is revered around the globe because he represented all that was good against an evil system of segregation, most people are not racist.  People can see a shyster a mile off especially in politicians,Mandela was not. However because of this people did not look at his politics for if they did one could see he was more a lawyer then a political leader.

This can be seen in his discussions with the apartheid over a transition to “democracy” all done above the heads of the masses. The wealth of the apartheid rulers remained firmly in the hands of white apartheid ruling elite.They hand over the problems while maintaining their power and wealth. Nothing has trickled down to the ghettos. Instead of unleashing the power of the Black working class alongside their white allies to redistribute the enormous wealth made through the murderous exploitation over centuries, they were told to forgive.

It is a bit like say having each generation of your family being robbed of everything, murdered in the process then told to forgive, while those with blood on there hands keep what they stole but exploit you in the process. This we are told is a great step forward for South Africa. Well you can see why the Rich and Powerful are turning Mandela into a deity.  Before long we will have a world Nelson Mandela day a bit like the Martin Luther King day in the United States.Myself I always had a liking for Malcolm X he was never for turning the other cheek.

Some wealth has found its way into the new breed of black politician after all they have a job to do in keeping the black working class in check. The ghettos still exist, a good education is still the preserve of the rich.The working class have gained nothing except bullets as seen from the miners strike this year. The preservation of capitalism is paramount for the “rainbow nation” except that rainbow is not seen over the mines/factories and ghettos.

This is the Nelson Mandela legacy, he was a brave man within his own political context..He helped preserve apartheid wealth and power.  South Africa today a deeply divided and unequal society. Some might argue Mandela was only one man against a heinous system, however he spurned the support of the dispossessed,told them to put away there weapons while he made a deal over there heads preserving this barbaric system with few democratic trimmings. Instead of clearing out the Augean Stables he accepted ownership.

We now know at the time of his arrest he was on the central committee of the S.A. communist party,well at least his politics remained the same. Mandela tried and to a point succeeded in keeping the working class neutral,when hotpots broke out those he helped to power unleashed their new storm troopers of the new “rainbow” nation.

It will not be the Mandela’s legacy which overthrows capitalism in South Africa nor the present A.N.C. or the South African C.P.It will take a new workers party prepared to smash this corrupt state, putting those to the blade who warrant it, in the process establishing a new society.

As Victor Hugo once wrote,

“The guillotine is the ultimate expression of Law, and its name is vengeance; it is not neutral, nor does it allow us to remain neutral. All social questions achieve their finality around that blade.”

New birth is never easy.

The” State” of Ireland

Ireland a tiny country on the edge of the Atlantic. Its people  proud of their history and culture,not to mention the struggle against British Rule. If you ask of the 1916 rising it is said every Irish person had a relative in the General Post Office, the centre of the rising against Briton  In fact we know it was a  few Irishmen and women who were brave enough to take a stand. Unlike today  a majority of Irish workers wish to fight their own Irish ruling class against their impoverishment on the orders of the I.M.F.  At least in 1916 they had a general staff like them or not,unlike the situation in Ireland today.


Ireland today is into its fifth austerity budget which has driven working people into dire poverty, those who can emigrate have and continue to do so in droves. The social welfare department send out letters offering jobs, the said jobs however being in New Zealand,Canada, anywhere but Ireland. At a rough estimate thirty people apply for each job advertised. While the government go on the attack against workers who have been thrown onto the dole cutting payments of those under 25 by 40 euros weekly in the most recent budget. At the same time attacking pensioner’s benefits including taking away medical cards which give people access to free doctor care and cheaper prescriptions.Ireland is I believe one of the only countries in Europe where you have to pay before you can see a doctor. Maternity allowance’s have been cut  who cares about the vulnerable mothers who have little means,what then happens to these babies born into a society without  any safety net. A society which cannot defend and protect its old and youth is democratically bankrupt. Probably the cruelest cut is the bereavement allowance which helps in a small way for people to bury their dead.  This cut will increase those who will be buried in a paupers grave. Welcome to Ireland of the 21’st century.

Labour Party/Trade Union Bureaucracy

Now that the banks are making money again those who remain on this wind swept island who have a job, work more hours on less pay.  The immense damage  done by the bankers and the political parties  to the social fabric of society will create poverty for decades to come. Alas this is all happening in the commemorative year of the great lock out of 1913,the most formative battle ever undertaken by the emerging Irish Transport and General workers Union. In the past year all and sundry have spoken of this great struggle by the  workers of Dublin and why we should remember this titanic class battle. This coming from all wings of the political establishment who are at present consolidating the impoverishment of working people.  Their friends in the trade unions have worked hand and glove to prevent workers striking to defend gains of the past, and to extend these.  The lesson of 1913 lock out is only a fighting workers organization can defend workers rights and in turn the poorest in this society . Instead  the trade union bureaucrats have consciously worked with the party of the blue-shirts (Fine Gae)l alongside the social democratic labour party to foster the belief that we are all in this together. The only way workers can defend their rights is through strike action. In the present climate workers are not only not on strike they are back on their knees with no crumbs coming from the table. The bureaucrats prevented strike action and continue to do so as it makes it easier for them to control things, once workers strike,setting up strike committees, the bureaucrats begin to lose  control as  workers create their own leadership. This they fear,in particular the Labour Party alongside the bureaucrats in the Trade unions, as they become redundant to capitalism. What has been created in Ireland in this present capitalist crisis is a cheap labour force for world capitalism not unlike any third world country who also export their people overseas.

Connolly/Larkin would turn in their graves at this only working class struggle can defend what our forebears won for us.  Only the overthrow of this rotten decaying system can give hope and a future for those discarded by capitalism. Despite the few demonstrations which have taken place and the obvious wish of workers in the Trade unions to fight,but not alone, if ever the realization of the slogan “all for one and one for all” could be achieved it is now.The leadership of the Irish Trade Union Congress seeing this, stand in fear and dread at this prospect, leaving each section of the trade union movement to be ravaged by union busting agreements forcing longer hours and less pay with only token resistance. Having dealt with those who are organised, the bankers puppets now seek to continue their onslaught on the poorest of the poor the old, the young, the unemployed made unemployed by this decrepit system, now portrayed as layabouts.

The Left Parties

What of the left parties at the beginning of the bankers crisis the (Irish socialist workers party) SWP and the ( Irish socialist party) SP formed an alliance called the United left Alliance  getting a number of people elected to parliament on the back of this,in the process bringing a lot of people into the orbit”of left politics” . This was their high point at present the ULA is more or less defunct. It shows the sheer bankruptcy of these parties, in the mist of the biggest capitalist crisis since the 1930’s  neither can mobilize even a small advanced section of the working class to their banner. It is just as well when you see their some of their policies. In Egypt the SWP called for a vote to the Muslim Brotherhood,no friend of women or workers. While the SP believe the Gardai should be organized into the Trade Unions so they can get better pay and conditions while they beat up strikers. Forgive me if I am wrong I always considered the army/police as the armed fist of capital.

Beware Nationalism

Sinn Fein the political wing of the IRA, poses as a friend of the working man/woman.  It is no more then the reincarnation of Fianna Fail for the 21st century. In the northern part of Ireland Sinn Fein have shown their fighting spirit by bending the knee to the British crown. While at the same time carrying out orders from London  implementing the conservatives policies through attacks on working people,  denouncing republicans who have the temerity to fight against them,  indeed overseeing a new form of interment, those held without charge indefinitely.  Sinn Fein in the south seek to reform the system not overthrow it. After all  their friends in the White House would disapprove, not to mention straining relations with their new friends in the house of Windsor.

Their is a desperate need for a workers party which will fight for the downtrodden of society  willing to overthrow this venal corrupt government, employees of Merkel and company. It could start by fighting for  the rights of all workers employed- unemployed alongside the poorest sections,not allowing capitalism to drive a wedge between them. This is not new Trotsky made this point better then I.

The right to employment is the only serious right left to the worker in a society based upon exploitation. This right today is being shorn from him at every step. Against unemployment, “structural” as well as “conjunctural,” the time is ripe to advance, along with the slogan of public works, the slogan of a sliding scale of working hours. Trade unions and other mass organizations should bind the workers and the unemployed together in the solidarity of mutual responsibility. On this basis all the work on hand would then be divided among all existing workers in accordance with how the extent of the working week is defined. The average wage of every worker remains the same as it was under the old working week. Wages, with a strictly guaranteed minimum, would follow the movement of prices. It is impossible to accept any other program for the present catastrophic period.

Property owners and their lawyers will prove the “unrealizability” of these demands. Smaller, especially ruined capitalists in addition will refer to their account ledgers. The workers categorically denounce such conclusions and references. The question is not one of a “normal” collision between opposing material interests. The question is one of guarding the proletariat from decay, demoralization, and ruin. The question is one of life or death of the only creative and progressive class, and by that token of the future of mankind. If capitalism is incapable of satisfying the demands inevitably arising from the calamities generated by itself, then let it perish. “Realizability” or “unrealizability” is in the given instance a question of the relationship of forces, which can be decided only by the struggle. By means of this struggle, no matter what its immediate practical successes may be, the workers will best come to understand the necessity of liquidating capitalist slavery.

Leon Trotsky, “The Death Agony of Capitalism and the Tasks of the Fourth International” (1938)

Not one of the left parties have fought these demands in any serious way. A leading member of the SWP informed me that these demands could not be argued for at this point. If these demands are not relevant now they never will.

 If such demands were fought for who knows maybe the workers of Briton who also suffer under the whip of the puppets of capital be they conservative or labour  may also take up such demands, uniting the workers of these isles in joint struggle. This will not be just a trade union struggle it must transcend this other wise we will return to the same old crap again and again,  under even worse conditions. Without a fighting workers party  willing to strike when the moment is right we remain slaves to capital. The “State” of Ireland today is nothing to what it will become without such a struggle. We have nothing to lose, but a world to gain, I shall be in the the front ranks.

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