the rule of many over rule of the few.

Should I run for the presidency ????

The reason I ask well everyone else is running,of course I did ent attend trinity so that goes against me.Is it me  or are you also totally underwhelmed by all these promising individuals who are offering to use their intelligence, analytical skills, and their connections to town and country, or, how they can bring business to our hallowed island. While I have sympathy with Norris and the despicable homophobic attack on him led by Waters and co,of the Sunday Independent.

Lets be honest all of them are in it for money of course none of them will dare say this. The position is ceremonial and nothing can be done without the say so of the government of the day. Indeed the presidency is more akin to the Senate which  is also another play-pen for those who have a pedigree i.e. Trinity,or one of the other univs.

It would seem democracy in Ireland is graded for you can only vote in the senate race if you have being to one of the above univs. What is laughable is we Irish working people accept this without a murmur.

So If I run for the white house in the park, across the road from our mentors the American embassadors residency. I shall run on a platform of abolishing the Presidency

the Senate

the Dáil

I shall then turn the country over to the people to run. Of course any future elections would be as in the senate elections only in reverse. So if you feel you can vote for me I m your man.


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